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Best baitcasting reel for the money

Baitcasting reels are one of the most preferred reels especially by professional anglers for their day to day use. The reel comes with a modernized braking system that offers the anglers limited adjustments hence correcting the flaws seen on the earlier baitcasting reels that could lead to explosive backlashes. The baitcasting reels come with a number of benefits thus making them more popular among saltwater and freshwater anglers. The benefits include:

Baitcasting reels benefits​

Casting control

Anglers who are competent in using the slingshot method in casting can easily control the line by placing their thumb on the spool line. The placement of the thumb increases the accuracy level to yield the most desired results. As such, anglers using the baitcasting reels apply little force to control the casting of the line.

Line Twist

The baitcast reels allows the line to spool straight onto the reel’s spool and come out without twisting. This is different to spinning reels which require the line to pass through a roller before reaching the spool hence increasingly the possibilities of a line twist.

Powerful lines

It is essential to use heavy lines more especially when venturing into areas inhabited by large fish. For instance most of the species found in salt water and fresh water such as the mackerel and catfish call for the use of powerful lines. The Baitcast reels perform this task better than any other reel equipment available. The baitcast has a design that allows direct winding thus making it easier for the frame of the spool and reel to handle the load comfortably.

Having seen the benefits of a baitcast reel, it important to consider some things to end up with a reel that is durable and offers a decent performance. These includes:

The bearings and material

The bearings quality determine the performance of baitcast reel when making a long or short cast. It preferable to go for bearings made of carbon composite, magnesium or aluminum. These increases durability and smooth operation as the bearing quality matters as opposed to bearing count.

Spool size

The spool size depends on the kind of fish you want to pursue. For instance, anglers after large and strong fish need a heavier line that will end up taking a larger spool space. As such, they need to purchase a baitcast reel with a deep spool for holding the whole line. On the other hand, anglers after bass fishing need a lighter line with a smaller pool that is strong enough without compromising the casting accuracy and flexibility.

Gear Ratio

The gear ratio has a direct impact on the retrieval speed of your bait. The gear ratio in this case refers to the turns made by the spool with a single rotation of the handle. The higher the ratio, the faster the action. For instance, a 4:1 ratio means that the spool makes four turns with a single handle rotation. The type of baits an angler is interested in should therefore determine the best gear ratio. This is because some fish require a fast action whereas others need a slower retrieval such as large spinnerbaits and diving cranking baits.

Tension System

There are two mechanisms used in adjusting the spool tension namely the magnetic and centrifugal brake systems. Some of the braking system employ both systems. The braking system should therefore be efficient in adjusting the line tension to avoid a backlash when running the cast.

​Top Baitcasting Reels

Shimano Curado 1​ Reviews

The Curado boasts of its smooth performance, durability and reliability.


Roller bearing made of Stainless steel which eliminates back play

Stable spool design technology that lowers spool vibration thus enabling smooth casting

SVS infinity Braking System for easy control when casting

Different gear ratios, 7:2:1, 6:3:1 and 5:5:1

X-ship that eliminates friction between the gears and the spool shaft hence increasing durability of the gears.

An escape hatch for accessing the spool easily

Models available: Both left handed and right handed baitcasting reels


Nice spool accessibility port

Efficient braking system

Good casting performance



The side panel opening latch is a bit problematic due to its closeness to the handle.

Abu Garcia Revo Rocket Review


10 stainless steel bearings and a roller bearing that increases protection from corrosion

Alloy frame and side plates that increases durability

Drag system made of carbon fiber with a constant drag pressure

Gear ratio of 9:0:1 that offers fast speeds while casting.

Infinity braking system that is efficient and adjustable to fit into any fishing situation


Easy to set up, fully assembled ready for pitching and flipping

Corrosive resistant thanks to its alloy frame body


Lightweight and comfortable allowing great control of the reel when fishing



Abu Garcia Revo SX Review


Magnetic Braking System for constant brake pressure in the whole cast

Drag System made of Carbon fiber for consistent and smooth drag pressure

Infinite spool design that can support heavy loads and extended casting

Two different gear ratios 6:4:1 and 7:1:1

Weighs 0.42 pounds

Compact bent handle that is user friendly

Models available: both Left handed and right handed


Corrosive resistant

User-friendly and efficient design



Necessary to master the thumb breaking technique to use.

Daiwa Tatula


T-wing system for reducing obstruction and friction while casting

Magforce-X casting braking system for easy control of the reel

7 ball bearings plus one roller bearing

Clutch mechanism that is corrosive resistant

Aluminum frame and side plates

Infinite Anti-reverse

Air rotation


Lightweight and comfortable to handle

Casts far

Easy tension adjustments

Medium priced reel

Smooth operation


Touchy braking system

Poorly located dial leading to unintended adjustments

Abu Garcia Revo STX


A variety of gear ratios available including 6:4, 7:1 and 8:0:1

10 ball bearings and one roller bearing made of stainless steel

Two infinite braking systems that makes spool control easy to manage

Compact bent handle for casting

D2 Gear design for hook setting power and cranking

Drag system made of carbon fibre for portability


Strong and durable


Difficult in adjusting the casting distance

Lacks solid feel

Not ideal for diving cranks

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