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5 Best bite alarm for Carp Fishing 2017

Choosing a good bite alarm and bite alarms with receiver for your fishing escapades may seem a very easy task. Wait until you go to the retail shop and the large array of different types of fishing bite alarms leaves you confused on which brand is the best to meet your fishing needs. However, the surprising thing is there is no good carp fishing without a bite fishing alarm.

These fishing bite indicators will not only let you know when you have had a successful bait but also will give you an alert in case there is another activity in the waters that you are fishing.​

There are three main things that should guide you whenever you are looking forward to purchase a bite alarm​


The alarm should be sensitive enough to alert you of any movements. However, at the same time it should have a device to prevent false alerts

LED lights​

The LED lights will come in handy especially when you need to get fish mostly in the dark

Quality and performance

While price is an important issue to most of us at no cost should you compromise price for quality and performance. The alarm should have the ability to meet your fishing needs as you want it to

Below is a detailed review of five of the best fishing bait alarms that will help you take your carp fishing to the next level. PROLOGIC SMX ALARMS and STEVE NEVILLE BITE gives bite alarms with receiver feature


The ATTS bite alarm has set a new pace in the fishing industry. It features a combination of high quality, performance and reliability underwater. The water tight design makes sure that the internal features remain protected as much as possible thus reducing the chances of damage. When it comes to reliability, the high standard built digital circuitry will ensure you can totally rely on this alarm to deliver the best performance​.

In case of a low battery the built in low battery warning system will warn the user with a beep or a series of beeps. These alarms also come with a choice of making an upgrade whenever you may need it in case you feel that the performance is not up to the mark.​


  • Features a compact and lightweight alarm that is easy to carry around comes with a detection system that prevents the alarm from giving false beeps.
  • The alarm is flexible as it allows for adjustment when it comes to sensitivity as you can fit alternative roller wheels.
  • ATTS are 100% water tight.


  • In case of battery leaks the warranty will not cover them thus you must always remove the battery if you are planning not to use the alarm for a long time


This is what we call a revolutionary advancement in fishing tech built with the change of speed of water in mind. What does this mean for carp fishing? The R3 fishing bite alarms have an intelligent sensing technology that will eliminate the irritating buzzes form weeds, wind and other movements under water.​

This product, which is currently available in the market, is a go for it if you are looking for high performance and highly competitive fishing alarm. The R3 alarm will outperform all the rest especially when it comes to blocking weaker signals, which are of no significance to the fisherman​.


  • It has a high sensitivity thanks to the patented microchip intelligent sensing device
  • It is also waterproof. The compact casing and gasket seals will ensure that no water leaks into the inner parts of the alarm which could damage them.
  • It offer a long battery life.
  • Comes with a variety of LEDS to signal you in case of any movements. The blue, red, green or white LEDS are visible even under deep waters.


  • The performance of the radio signal becomes limited when the rods are not in a clear sight and thus the performance may be poor in case the alarm becomes surrounded by dense undergrowth.


​The Delkim bite alarm is more likely the most familiar bite alarm in the fishing alarm industry. Known for its top-notch features which offer the best performance when it comes to carp fishing it is a must have for whoever loves the art of fishing. It makes use of the Delkim radio technology and the piezo vibration to signal the fisherman whenever he gets a catch.

The benefits to reap from this alarm will range from volume, sensitivity, waterproofing and good LED lights​


  • Guarantees safety. It comes with an antitheft alarm. In case someone decides to attempt to steal it the antitheft siren will alert you
  • It is flexible when it comes to sound. The sound ranges from 1-0 that means it can be as loud as you want it to be.
  • Gives you a variety of options of LED lights. You can choose from yellow, red, purple, blue green or white
  • Come with an additional LED night mode which is good when the fishing grounds are pitch dark
  • Has good waterproof casing


  • Sometimes the alarm may give false beeps
  • The alarms can be very sensitive at times.


​This is the best bite alarm especially if you are in a tight spot financially but still need a high performing alarm. The box comes with a remote receiver and a set of three alarms. You will have the opportunity of using them as long as you want and they will still perform well. Not to mention the alarm comes with an adjustable volume, tone and sensitivity to help you get the most out of the device as you set out for fishing in your own time.


  • Have retractable ears which are well illuminated with LED lights on top of each ear to provide ample lighting
  • Have night light functionality which is useful when the fishing grounds are dark.
  • The fact that they come with a screw washer on the thread allows you to click them tightly to the buzz bar
  • Waterproof will give a longer life span


  • The primary concern is that they lack a hard casing to transport them in whenever you need to go fishing.


​These alarms are iconic when it comes to their massive usage in carp fishing. A favorite for most people who are into fishing. They are well designed convenient, reliable and will not fail you. The most impressive thing about this alarm is the unique features it has and particularly the roller wheel system, which is very sensitive. The 500m range is also a good deal combined with a built in receiver, which is used with the Neville receiver to adjust volume.


  • The combination a of an inbuilt speaker and the Neville receivers eliminate the likelihood of getting false beeps
  • The volume is also adjustable to meet your needs
  • It has a good casing to make it waterproof thus prevents damage and gives it a longer lifespan.


  • The alarm requires that you are close to the rods so that you are able to get the signal right. You should never be more than 500m from your rods.


​Having reviewed the five best bite alarms, it is worth noting that all of this will cost almost the same. The reliability is also not that different. What will determine which bite you pick on will be personal preferences on things like appearance and other superficial features? However, Delkim has a great reputation and in most case may come off as the best choice that you can make.