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5 of the best braided fishing lines of 2017

While fishing remains the most enjoyable sport that one could ever think of, there still remains one question which many fishermen will ask especially if they are new in the art. What is the best line to use? Braided fishing lines have been around for quite some time. They offer the best performance  and will ensure that your fishing is worth all the while.

​To avoid being in the group that holds so many misconceptions against braided lines then you need to get yourself to read the reviews below, and you can judge whether they are worth your investment or not. However, I can guarantee you once you master the way to use this lines you are going to get hooked to them

​When and why you need to use a braided line?

If you are finding it hard to transit from other fishing lines to the braided lines, then it is time to dispel some misconceptions that you may be having.

One of the best things about Braid line is that it saves you the expense of having to buy new rods. In fact, your old rods can do all you have to do, is to get the softest of them all and you are good to set out on your fishing escapades.​

In case you are looking to fish in waters that are 20-40 feet in depth then you need to carry the braid lines along with you. However, you may need to consider concealing your braid line with a fluorocarbon so as not to scare the fish away.​

You also need to get in mind the fact that braid line might be the best option in case you are looking out to carry out heavy fishing. A good example is if you are targeting bass fishing then you will need quite a strong line that will not easily tear.​

The line  will also allow you to fell more bites, set the hook more easily and be able to work with baits in minimal effort​

What to consider before buying a braided fishing line​

The sensitivity:Sensitivity is key for fishing lines. The fishing line should be tight enough and have zero stretches so that you are aware of the slightest fish bite

Resistance to abrasion:In most cases like you, fish there could be obstacles in the water or foliage. The braided line you invest in should be able to handle abrasion with minimal tearing or damage.​

Tangle free: The braided line you choose to buy must be tangle free to allow for easy casting into the water. Otherwise, you will have to deal with the line have tangled itself which will waste not only time but also your energy. Sometimes leaving you frustrated.​

​5 braid fishing lines that are going to take your fishing to the next level



For most fishermen, we can all agree that choosing a fishing line can be quite a challenging task. However, power pros braided lines will come in handy even in the nastiest fishing circumstances. It is among one of a unique braided line that is popular among most fishermen.

Why you need to buy it

It will match all your fishing adventures

For most people going out to fish then a line that will meet all their fishing demands will come as a great asset.​

Can be used in any aquatic environment

This means that this braided line will save you the cost of having to buy two separate lines one for salty waters and one for fresh waters. The power pro fishing line can be used in both saline environments and fresh waters.​

Use a variety of knots

With this line, you have the chance of using different knots to bait your fish such as the Uni, Uni splice or the Palomar knot.​


The power pro braid lines can be used in all types of fishing conditions as it can take as much disturbance as possible

Thus braid is super strong and highly durable thus will give you a longer lifespan

It allows for smooth retrieval even if the catch is too heavy.

For a braided line, it translates to casting out into longer distances as compared to other types of lines


The major point of concern is the fact that this line is much noisier as it will rub against the guides to produce a hum like noise.​

It may not work very fine with some fish that are first such as tuna and the stripper​


Well, it wouldn't be untrue to claim that the Berkely Fireline is among the most popular and well-known brands in the market. It features quite a stiff performance especially when it comes to casting

This line guarantees you a tangle free fishing experience unlike other thread lines, which will keep on tangling with the foliage under water.

Why you need the Fireline Braided line

The recent improvement from the old Fireline to a better version

One of the reasons why you might need to consider buying this line is the recent improvement in these lines. They are now tougher, smoother and have a better color retention, which is less likely to fade away.

A better casting experience​

Most of the fishermen who have used this line have reported a better casting performance, which has improved their fishing in a great way.

Abrasive resistant

The Berkley line is quite strong to abrasion thus will take less damage from friction with foliage or debris below thus will remain in good shape.


It cast more easily in water as it faces less friction and also it is less bulky

Available in different varieties. It is available in different lengths of the spool.

Proves to aver strong, durable and reliable line for as long as possible


Sometimes it may not reach the 17 percent improvement as attested by the producer company, the Berkley.


This type of line is made using a variety of colors and pattern such that it will blend well with any aquatic has quite a reputation to go by and will serve every fishing need in all kinds of fishing conditions

Why you need to consider purchasing it

Improved strength

The fishing line has been improved to a more resilient and stronger version thus can be a good deal for harsh fishing grounds​

Have Dyneema fibers

This will ensure that the line has good color, which does not fade easily thus gives it, a longer lifespan. The line also gets its smooth feel from these fibers.​

Increased sensitivity

The reduced stretch will ensure that the sensitivity remains high for you to be able to feel the slightest fish bite.​


It comes in many sizes thus increases you choice scope

Has quite a considerable weight range making them easy to retrieve once you have your catch

It will cast further out into the waters thus increasing your chance of having a successful fishing escapade​


Sometimes you will find green dye on your hands an indication that the line color is fading off.


This line features a smooth and durable braid line that will make your fishing better. The fishing line has a better color that is fade resistant and thus will give you a longer lifespan of enjoying good fishing times.

Why you should buy it.

Fade resistant.

This makes this brand to be more superior to other brands as to ensure that the color on your line remains the same despite the frequent abrasion under water.

Comes in a variety of colors.

The braided line comes in quite a variety of colors such as brown, blue, yellow and green to suit the different individual tastes.

Highly abrasion resistant.

The line is made from a highly strong bullet proof and protective material that will resist any damage and friction keeping the lines strong and in good condition as much as possible.


It has a tight wrap giving it a thin and smooth characteristic.

It can handle the weight of between 10 Ibs and 80 Ibs.

Also, varies in strength to serve different depth and distances.

Has a great casting performance.


In some cases, the line may start fraying off however it is not quite a major concern, as this will happen after quite some time of using the line.

The line will start fading off after sometimes turning from black to a bluish color.


This is the brand, which is built with a lot of sensitivity issues in mind, designed to help the fisherman to take home a good catch. Compared to other types of fishing line, this line will cast well without difficulties. Retrieving it once you get hold of your catch is also easy.

Why you need to buy it​

Has an extra quiet casing.

The lines are coated with an extra casing that is quiet despite the friction from any obstacles in the water thus will not scare away the fish​.

It is quite versatile.

The braided line can be sued for variety of fishing such as backing, jigging and also trolling.

Has maximum knot strength.

The braid lines have tight knots which are strong under the weight of a heavy catch.


The lines are ultrasensitive for the fishermen to know when the fish take the slightest bite.

It has an outstanding durability so that it serves you for longer periods of time.

Made with advanced fibers giving it a smooth feel.

Has small diameter which helps to test for the LB ratio.


The major point of concern is that in some cases it seems to tangle itself.

Also, some people have complained that the line comes with a chemical odor that is unbearable. This could be attributed to poor packaging.​


Having reviewed each of the braid lines, most of them are similar regarding performance and quality. As a rational buyer choosing any of this line will come in handy in helping you to have fruitful fishing adventures. However, it is recommendable that you pay close attention to the cons to find out whether the disadvantages may compromise your fishing in any way​

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