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Best costa sunglasses for fishing 2017

Outdoor adventure brings you face to face with ultraviolet rays which are harmful to your eyes. It therefore calls for an individual to invest in good sunglasses that will protect the eyes and make your outdoor experience enjoyable in the long run. The Costa Del Mar Sunglasses come into the picture to offer the much needed protection in style. There are so many sunglasses available in the market that come in different shapes and sizes. As such, it is important to take your time and outline the features you need in order to purchase the ideal Costa sunglasses. This includes;

Frame size

It is essential to know your frame size in order to purchase sunglasses that fit you well. Get to check the lens size, bridge size and arm size that fit you well. To avoid disappointments, purchase sunglasses that have a frame size within 3mm of your measurements

The shape of the frame

The sunglasses come in different shapes to fit into different faces including oval, square, oblong, triangle and round shaped faces. It is vital to know the shape of your face as it will enable you buy sunglasses that fit and appear well. The costa Del mar sunglasses come in different shapes thereby taking care of the various face shapes.

Use of the sunglasses

The kind of sunglasses to purchase is also determined by the type of activity an individual aims to engage in as they come in different colors to fit these activities. There a range of lens colors that Costa Del mar sunglasses offer including gray, green, brown and amber that fit into different activities ranging from driving, fishing to sporting activities such as cycling and swimming. The polarization of these lenses is essential in blocking glare from reflective surfaces thereby keeping your eyes protected.

There is a range of Costa Del Mar sunglasses in the market to choose from. We sample the top three sunglasses worth a long look.


Costa Del Mar Cortez 580 Glass Polarized Glasses

The rugged sunglasses come in a nylon material that is tough with a linear venting and a large fit. They are strongly built hence capable of holding to their position as they to allow you explore the water bodies. The 580 technology is capable of blocking yellow light while boosting blue, green and red light for excellent definition and contrast

  • Comfortable large fit
  • They have an integral hinge
  • They have 100% Ultra Violet light blockage thus offering maximum protection
  • 100% polarization for eye strain reduction and reduction of reflected glare
  • Has a Heavy duty TR-90 nylon frame
  • Light plastic lenses that are scratch and impact-resistant
  • Glass lenses that are scratch-resistant with high clarity


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Comes with a hard case


  • Anti-slip material at the nose not efficient when an individual sweats.

Costa Del Mar Ballast 580P Polarized Glasses

The frame-less sunglasses are super light weighing in at just 16gms thereby making them fit to wear all day without getting to feel the weight.

  • They come in a comfortable medium fit
  • They have an integral hinge
  • They feature 100% blockage of UV light for maximum protection
  • They have clear glass lenses that are scratch resistant
  • They also feature lightweight plastic lenses that are scratch and impact resistant
  • They have 100% polarization for reduction pf eye strain and anti-glare


  • Lightweight sunglasses


  • Non-adjustable nose and temple pieces

Costa Del Mar Fantail 580 Glass Polarized Glasses

The sunglasses aim to offer the best on-water action with high-performance lenses that are polarized. The 580 lenses feature an anti-reflective coating and a water repellant coating that make them fit for exploring the waters.

  • They have nose pads for grip
  • A well-built Integral hinge
  • A rectangular frame shape and lenses
  • Co-molded technology which offers maximum comfort and durability
  • The glass lenses are impact resistant
  • Lenses include an 8 base curve for maximum coverage


  • They come with a durable case
  • They have a comfortable nylon frame design that securely sits on your face.
  • They have a durable rubber lining that protects them from slipping
  • They come with a lifetime warranty


  • The glass lens option can make the sunglasses very expensing if you intend to use them for fishing only


LIt is clear that having polarized sunglasses is essential for outdoor activities to protect the eyes from glare. The Costa Del mar sunglasses offer the much needed protection, all you need to do is to determine the kind of activity you want to use them for and you can be rest assured that you will get the right pair for yourself.

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