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best fish finder for the money 2017

You might be a recreational angler looking for more fish ? Do you agree with me ? You might have read so many online reviews before you come to this site. The reason you have landed here is that you are looking for in depth genuine reviews and best place to buy a fish finder which is top in the market.Most of the fishermen thinks that we can choose any fish finder. But in reality they are choosing wrong one and they themselves got in trouble by wasting their hard earned money.where these guys failed ? you have seen so many similar reviews and not in a position to choose good one for your trip.

You have to understand that it's not that much hard to find a top fish finder for the money.You can find some of the best budget fishing kayak here.The secret behind choosing wrong one is money.I agree , Money is also a factor.But how can we get best fish finder which satisfies both quality and money criteria ?

Reading long content is waste of time but what about if it's available as a capsule format.That is why We have listed everything as easy as in below comparison table.

Buy a best depth finder based on following top 10 tips

  • What is your budget ? Is it for normal fishing or ice fishing ?
  • Which style and method do you use to catch fish ?
  • Identify how you are going to fish and where you are going to fish ?
  • Get the best fish finder brands by doing proper research.We have done everything for you.Look above table.
  • No one knows your taste and criteria. Are you a beginner or professional ?
  • No can tell "this unit is the best for you".
  • Always compare the store price against Online price.
  • Compare the price against different model as we have done for you.
  • Know about top fish finder brands,its features(GPS,You can find more about best handheld gps for fishing from here .How many feet it can search) and their warranty.
  • What others are saying about each product ?

What is a fish finder ?

It's a sonar device which is specially designed for detecting fish from underwater.It has 3 main purpose.

  • It helps to identify the presence of fish
  • This provides an overall depth of water
  • converts electronic pulses into a graphic format by using echo-location.

How a Fish finder works ?

​A fish finder first transmits an electric impulse and in the second step this is converted to a sound wave by a transducer which has been mounted on the hull of a boat or kayaks.Finally, these sound waves sent into the water and striking into the under water objects such as fish.It then reflected back these objects,size or fish image into a display unit.The display unit has the capacity to find the distance of the fish which its exists under water.


  • This helps all fisher men to find a fish which they cannot be seen by naked eyes.
  • Maximize every fisher men efficiency.

best inexpensive fishing kayak reviews

Fish finder under 100

​You will get only very basic fish finder which gives low resolution, small screen and of course there is no GPS enabled on these low end basic version model.You should be aware that you are getting black and white screen not color enabled screens.The maximum depth of this model is 150 feet.In our testing we found that you will get good reading but not the perfect one.

​We advise that if you are a beginner angler, these device will satisfy your should not expect much features from this very basic version.

​There are 3 fish finders we found that which is good under this category. They are

  • Garmin Echo 151dv
  • Lowrance Elite-3X
  • Garmin Echo 101 for US and CANADA

These fish finders are mounted on the boats or kayaks but if you are looking for handheld device which is under 100 dollars we have a good detailed reviews about handheld depth sounder that is having good quality and portability.

Fish finder between 100 and 200

You can find more fish finders between 100 and 200 range. Most of the devices have a capacity of Maximum 200 feet and some of them provide very limited GPS facilities.Usually these devices doesn't provide Maps but you have the option to set its way points and routes.Most of them use latest technology in these devices such as Down Imaging and Down-Scan.

​We have found some good version in our testing. They are

  • Garmin echo 150 Dual-Beam Fishfinder
  • Humminbird 409690-1, Grey color - 197C DI Color Fish Finder
  • Lowrance ELITE-3X DSI Color fish finder
  • Lowrance Mark-5x Pro - waterproof fish finder
  • Deeper DP0H10S10-P Wireless Sonar FishFinder

Fish finder between 200 and 300

​If you are in search for fish finders under 300 dollars, you will end up your journey in industry's best names such as Humminbird, Lowrance and Garmin.Do you think these are valuable to your money ? Let's check these aspects below.

  • Lowrance Elite-4 CHIRP fishfinder
  • Garmin Echo 301dv Worldwide with Transducer
  • Humminbird 561 408460-1 Black and White Sonar Fishfinder
  • Garmin echo 300c Dual-Beam Fishfinder

The biggest benefit of all these devices are it can look up to 1,500 feet max Depth..Even in sunny days you can clearly see the can find our editors review of fish finders which are under 300.

Fish finder under 500 dollars

If you have proper budget I highly recommend to purchase from this group.If you look any model between 300 and 500 range you can see that all will have a perfect color screen.Its not only for these price range but also above 500 range models.Every models have 5 inches and good depth capacity compared to low end versions

You can look for these models. GPS,Down Imaging or Down Scan has been enabled on all these devices. You can see in depth analysis of these models from our site.check here to read best fish finder under 500 dollars.

  • Lowrance Elite-4 HDI
  • Lowrance Elite-5 HDI.
  • Raymarine DragonFly.
  • Humminbird Helix 5 SI GPS.
  • Lowrance Elite 5 CHIRP.
  • Garmin echoMap 53dv.
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