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best fish finder under 200 dollars

Are you looking for replacing your old fish finder or in search of budget fish finders then you are in a place where lot of analysis and comparison of different model is being given and shared for anglers.We have a good news for you. You can find top fish finders under 200 from various manufactures.

​There are two types of fish finders available in this class.

  • Color screen fish finder
  • Black and white screen fish finders.

The best fish finders between 100 and 200 dollars have a good color screen which starts from 3-12 up to 5 inches with different pixels.We have seen that all the models above 100 USD have dual beam sonar facility and some high end models have the capacity of imaging technology such as Down Scan,Down Imaging and down VU.

​How to choose best one from this class ?

​There are 3 famous brands available in market in this category.All three looks like similar units. They are

  • Garmin Echo 301dv
  • Lowrance Elite-3x DSI
  • Humminbird PMAX 197C DI

Common features:-

​Its their color screen,mounting units and Imaging capability.

  • All the above three units come up with a mount transducer,the base has been mounted with a plastic swivel, Water temperature reading facility,Power cable and of course all of them having good instruction manual which clearly describes the operation.
  • All have been built with color screen with 320 by 240 pixel counts.These screen provides best view in daylight.
  • These three units gives Imaging features very well.The imaging quality is same on all the devices.

Which fish finder you should buy ?

​you can see some of the best features of all devices which is under 200 USD category. At this cost, you are getting cutting edge technologies such as down imaging,better screen resolution device etc.

​we suggest following important points before you decide on any of these device.

Humminbird - Its good for big screen and high resolution.

Lowrance - If you are looking for Downscan and Sonar, This is the best one.

Garmin Echo 301dv - Its best for Down Imaging.

Main Differences:-

​You have seen some general features but these devices use different technologies for imaging sonar.

​Humming bird use Down Imaging.

Lowrance’s come up with Down Scan method.

Garmin’s gives you DownVü technology.

We have seen that Lowrance Elite-3x DSI doesn't have 2D sonar.The disadvantage is it gives lower depth.But Most of the time fisher men give much importance on this difference if you are particular you can choose either Humminbird PMAX or Garmin Echo 301dv. The Humminbird and Lowrance units are based on 256 color but Garmin Echo 301dv provides QVGA color.

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Humminbird PiranhaMax 197c DI Review

​A compact device measuring 5.6 by 3.9" on the front side and having capacity of over 1.3" max deep.The resolution of the screen is falls in 320 by 240 pixel.We can easily find where the fish rides with the help of Led back lit screen.The device can be rotated easily with a built in mount. This gives the ability to operate at any situation while you fish.This particular unit generate 300 W of energy.It also use 10 to 20 volt DC.

​Even though it is capable for providing two Sonar beams.The beam provided by the device forming a sixteen degree cone.This helps to give more details about the object. the second beam is at 28 degree cone.This helps to get more details than the previous one.

​We have found that the fish locator provides a Fish ID feature which helps to identify fishes from other objects.This comes is three versions. They are 2D down imaging,2d Sonar and NON-DI version.


​Its dual beam capability helps to distinguish fishes and object with the help of fish locator.

​If you are looking for down imaging version, Its a great choice.

Garmin Echo 301dv review

​This particular device is an upgrade version of Garmin Echo 300.Both models look very similar in terms of screen and other features 301 dv has new features which helps your fishing journey to super six stage.

​It is noted that this has the capacity of 1750 feet max depth in freshwater.This is more than enough at any level of your fishing journey.

​Another cool feature has been introduced by Garmin is its smooth scaling. When your are changing the frequency you don't lose the view of the fish and this helps to get a clear picture of the fish while you are tracking.


  • Best Sonar quality.
  • Combination of DownVue(good for structure fishing) and traditional SONAR can be seen in this base model.You cannot see this feature in other 2 manufacturer model.
  • The reading can be seen either independently or in spli screen mode with SONAR.
  • The screen is readable in sunlight.
  • The Ultra scroll and smooth scaling technology gives clear picture of the fish at the high speed of the boats.

Features of echo 301dv

​It has HD-ID technology. This helps to show the fish as icons instead of lines.The other notable features are depth alarms, temperature & speed sensor,4-pin DownVü transducer,QVGA color, and imaging capability.The kit contains case, portable,battery,charger,transducer mount and Manual.

​If you want to convert this into a portable fish finder, you need portable kit which should be purchased separate and also note that it doesn't come up with protective cover.You will have to buy sepratly.

​Lowrance Elite-3x DSI Review

They are top leaders in marine products since 1957.let's look what are its features.This come up with a mounting bracket,power cable,instruction and manual etc.

​Its a Down scan imaging device.Its not our old traditional fish finder. This has been designed to find structure.It will fins the structure under the boats with some species of fish.If you are able to understand the structure properly you can target better species of fish in pond or lake.

​As this particular device is being operated at high frequency, you don't see the large "fish arches". The fishes show up as a blobs in your screen. We have found that this high frequency help to find fishes from fish and fish from structure.If you know what you are doing and what this particular device doing,You will get a great experience in fishing journey with the help of Lowrance Elite-3x DSI.

​It works well in sunlight.You can easily install the product.We have found that the new version of Lowrance (Elite-4x DSI) is available in market now a days.We recommend you to purchase this version as its having more good features.

​Final verdict

​We hope you found best product from various model and we are sure that at this cost you are getting top level fish finders which is good for all level of anglers.

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