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Best Fish finder Under 300

An another pleasant day for you, You have determined to start fishing today with your boats or kayaks.Just a minute, Have you ever thought about where all fishes staying ? or Do you find difficult to find out fish in deep water ? or are you in the process of finding a good inexpensive deep finder ? whether you want to change your old fish finder or looking for new model, what ever may be the reason, You have good news for you here in our website.You don't need to spend thousands of dollars in order to find a fish finder.yes, That is the real truth. You have been convinced by others that you would need high end device for finding fish at any condition but here you can find 2017's best fish finder under $300 (dollars) which gives super quality and performance. These are most popular products in the market which is accepted by the customers.

They are Garmin echoMap 43dv,Humminbird 346c DI & Lowrance Elite-4 HDI.

If you need more information check for detailed description and reviews below this comparison table.

What are the key features you should look for ?

1. GPS

2. CHIRP sonar

3. DownScan Imaging

We have seen that the above 3 are the core features of any fish finder even if there are other features you can find in these devices.The below three devices have all these features and all have similar features you can decide which one you like based on the facilities.

Garmin echoMap 43dv:-

Garmin is a very popular brand and has so many features and cutting edge technologies in their device.There is no exemption in the case of echoMap 43dv fish finder.This is one of the top model under 300 category from Garmin.


Let's classify the Garmin into 4 levels.They are Marine,outdoor, Automotive and general class.If you look into the Marine section Garmin gives following features such as ,It is capable for giving water temperature sensor,sonar compatible, NMEA output,It comes in Dual frequency,Supports VHF radio,ability to track log ( I can say that they give 50,000 inputs and more than 50 save tracks available) and its maximum depth is 2300 feet.It also accepts data cards, facility to add maps,waterproof,GPS avilable,6700 HD maps, it is just 1.6lbs,Its screen size is 480 by 272px and display type is WQVGA.The box contains power cable,manual,Motor mount,transducer and echoMAP 43dv with USA Lake VUE HD.

It is noted that the depth is working at any levels but the maps are only for lakes.The map doesn't contain coastal information.We are sure that its a great deep finder for fishing,its very easy to read and installation is also easy.Overall we can say that it's a great product at this price level. For lakes and rivers this device is the best option.


Smooth Scaling graphics.

Device make clear color images because of scanning sonar.

Easy to see under boats.

Auto Guidance feature.

More than 17,000 preloaded Lake vue maps of USA lakes,reservoirs.Included HD maps.


We noticed that depth number is small but fine for human eye.

Lowrance Elite-4 CHIRP Review:-

Lowrance recently launced Elite-4 CHIRP series model to the market.The additional fetaure you can see in this device is its CHIRP.This enables to emit a modulated pulse through transducer.This emit at the frequency level from 28 to 60 and 132 to 120 KHZ

This technique enables us to get a clear picture and able to separate the small objects.We have noted that the anglers can change the settings of CHIRP from low,medium and high.

You can change the setting to medium when the device try to locate either under water structures or fish and if you opt high settings,you get best images.A crystal clear image is given the Lowrance fish finder by using frequency sonar,capacity of providing 3D images of fish and structures. You can mix both down scan and CHIRP sonar to get a single view.

Lowrance Elite-4 features:-

1.high-resolution color display

2.Trackback - you can review the recorded history of sonar.

3.Dual window display,Three level panels etc

4.DownScan - for good image.

5.CHIRP Sonar plus. - more powerful technology

The package contains color display,power cable,Instruction Manual,Mounting device etc.


Good price

DownScan Overlay Recording feature

You can use 5 different frequencies.

capable of scan higher depths.


Some Anglers doesn't like its vertical layout.

No Maps,No Way points.You have to use micro sd feature to put maps and way points.

Humminbird 346c di reviews

Basically its a compact size and a perfect screen.If you are in search for inexpensive fish finder with lot of good features such as Down Imaging , I can say this is the best option you have available today in market.

As I have mentioned its a small head unit and 3-5" screen with full color can choose different colors form the top button of the device.It has built in dual beam plus sonar and switch fire.This allows you to operate the device at different frequencies.It also has standard transducer and also it has mounting kit at the bottom.


1. RTS window

2. SOnar recording facility

3. compact size and scree.

4. you Split the screen and zoom

5. FishID available

6. Switch fire Sonar available.

7. Best user friendly fish finder at this price

8. Very usefull for all types of boating

9. You can easily visualize under water objects and fish through screen.

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