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best fish finder under 500

The 21st century's cutting edge technologies enables each anglers to have a good satisfaction over marine fish finders.How to find a new sonar which fits your pocket ? This is not an easy task.Most of them thinks that only high end fish finder device providing quality stuff but in reality there are top brands available in market for just 500 bucks.If you are looking for new fish finder or upgrading/replacing existing depth finder, you have arrived to our site with flying colors. A fully featured fish finder which includes memory card, color screen,Down Imaging,Recording facility,Maps and GPS.You can find all these features in a fish finder which is under $500 dollars.You can see the some of the cool features in this section such as side imaging and GPS mapping etc.

​A fully featured best fish finder GPS combo have perfect size screen from 4 to 5" range.Now a days, you can see that most of the providers have come up with so many features under 500 dollar club because of the competition in the marine fish finder market.The most selling top rated fish finders priced under $500 (USD) are: Humminbird elix 5 SI,Lowrance Elite 5 CHIRP, and Garmin echoMap 53dv.

Humminbird Helix 5 SI GPS reviews

​Humminbird introduced a new version of Helix 5 recently.This has a good 5" screen with 480 by 800 resolution with 256 color and back lighting facility which helps us to give a good image on the screen in day and night.

​Why we have decided to choose this as a No:1 in our site because of its GPS chartplotter,DualBeam PLUS™ and side Imaging capacity.These three features enables this as best fish finder in 2017.


1. High resolution - 480 by 800 screen display.

2. Dowin Imaging support.

3. side Imaging from either side of the boat.(up to 100 feet).

4. GPS chart plotting and built in Map.

5. Switch fire sonar

6. DualBeam PLUS™ and Quadrabeam Plus supports on this model.

7. capacity to store either 45 specific routes or 2500 way points.

8. compatable with Humminbird Lakemaster cards.check their website for the lake list

We have noticed that down imaging,side Imaging & Dual Beam PLUS gives a crisp images of all the structure and fish under the boats.If you notice Humminbird website, you can see that many different versions available in their site. We have found that the main difference between these models are, some of them only supports Sonar and others give side Imaging feature along with GPS.Who can use Humminbird Helix 5 SI GPS ? This is a perfect choice for seasoned anglers and professionals.

How Humminbird Helix 5 SI GPS works ?

​It basically nned 10 to 20 V direct power.The 2D sonar has the capacity to go into 1500 feet down by sending out 200 KHZ sonar in a twenty degree cone shape.Mainly It has the capacity to produce different KHZ. If you look at the SwitchFire sonar, It has 2 modes. They are

​1. clear mode - getting clear image

2. Max mode - Ability to produce perfect iamge and other objects on screen.

Clear mode

When you search for a bait and game fish Helix 5 SI's clear mode gives clear images.

Max mode

You can distinguish bait and game fish,natural trees under water, man made objects with this feature.

The best feature is its color coding because it helps what are nearest to the boat.You can also change the color mode based on the natural conditions such as day or night.

Lowrance Elite 5 CHIRP reviews

Let's discuss about Lowrance Elite 5 series.We found that the its having amazing sonar capability from 83/200 & 455/800 along with its transducer.This also come up with color LCD and its same as our previous Humminbird Helix 5.

This is very popular in fish finder market.This has combination of our traditional sonar,CHIRP Sonar and Down Scan Imaging technology. The another most important feature is , This provides 3 different individual setting, they are low,medium and high settings.

Low - At any depth, this option can be used.

Medium - Look into more search zone, but it gives less detail information.

High - This is best setting you can use every time.Its good for lures,minnows and finding objects under the bottom.

Why everyone love this model ? because of its DownScan,Broadband Images & CHIRP Images.This has the ability to separate both structure and fish.Another time saving feature of Lowrance Elite 5 CHIRP is its Trackback History. This Sonar history helps to watch the previous recorded images from the screen and you don't need to turn the boats to back and also no need to scan the previous sonar region again and again. If you know the routes well, you can also create your own maps.

No SD card is required as it come up with built in memory and also has pre-loaded maps.Another cool feature is the ability to display in 3 different way by using its 3 panel view.

Garmin echoMap 53dv review.

A super fish finder device which is for high structure surroundings under the water. The views from this device is 100% realistic and Images are more striking to our eyes.Ability to use as best chart plotter. Some of the coolest features are its navigation system. This is fully owned by Garmin and no other models can't produce with out Garmin name.This can find shortest path from one point to another. Thanks to Graph theory methods in mathematics. Another additional feature is its automatic route facility. You can change according to your preference while you are fishing in boats.

Best features:

1. A high contrast color dispaly

2. Micro SD port

3. Its Sonar is 500 W

4. Easy keypad

5. You can share routes and destination with sharing cable.

6. Lake Vue has been preloaded.

7. DownVue provides clear picture on the screen

8. Real time updates on the screen.

9. A waterproof system, IPX7.

10. 480 by 480 px with WQVGA display.

11. Combined both fish finder and chart plotter.

Which is the best fish finder under $500 out of these three ?

It's very difficult to answer because all three models have its own cool features which no one can imitate into their device. If you are looking for great CHIRP sonar and built in maps, go ahead with Lowrance Elite-5 CHIRP. If you are looking for more depth and auto Guidance system, you can buy Garmin Echo 551dv.

Finally our top Humminbird Helix 5 comes into picture.

We analysed that Humminbird Helix 5 SI is the best out of these depth finders. Its side imaging capacity is a cool feature and you can't see these feature in other two models.You are also getting 2D sonar and imaging features under 500 dollars from Humminbird Helix 5.These are the reason this stands out from other models in 500 category.

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