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Best Fishing Float Tube 2017 – Guide & Reviews

A float tube also called a belly boat is an inflatable fishing vessel that enables an angler to access the fishing areas in water while using flippered feet for propulsion. The float tube allows an angler to reach inaccessible shorelines with much ease and in a relaxed manner. The market is awash with several models of float tubes that make navigation easy and safer that feature PVC coated bottoms for increased stability. Additionally, most of the tubes feature other amenities such as lure or fly patches, cargo compartments, stripping aprons and seat cushions.

The float tubes come in different shapes including the U-shaped float tubes, the ring design and the short pontoons that have a seat in the center. Most of the float tubes have adopted a design with an open front for ease of entry. The tube comes in the shape of a chair hence allowing you to sit, strap yourself and start your fishing expedition. Other float tubes come with a closed front design which has a backrest and the angler has to step inside, spread the legs until he reaches a sitting position. The closed-float tubes immerse most of the body in the water, mostly up to the waist. On the other hand, the open float tubes are capable of keeping most of the body out of the water, commonly up to the knees.

With the various designs and shapes available in the market, there is need to make an informed decision in order to end up with the right float tube for your fishing experience. When purchasing one, you should therefore consider the following;

Weight of the float tube

Consider going for a light float tube that is easy to transport to your favorite fishing area for instance, to the backcountry. Some of the float tubes are heavy thereby making it difficult to transport them to the fishing area, especially if you have to climb a mountain before reaching your destination. As such, having a light float tube will allow you to transport it to different fishing areas without feeling the weight.

Packing options

Some of the floating tubes in the market have backpacks while others don’t. Choosing a floating tube that can be packed in the back is ideal in accessing remote waters.

Type of backrest.

A good floating tube should have an adjustable backrest and a good paddling gear. The adjustable backrest comes in handy when you go out the whole day fishing as it ensures that you are comfortable with enough backrest.

The pocket design

It is important for an angler to consider looking at the design of the pockets and their accessibility to avoid purchasing a float tube that will make the fishing experience tedious. It is also necessary to consider the number of pockets available for storage of various fishing equipment. However, this is a personal preference that will differ from one person to the other.

Float tubes are not the best in river fishing especially where there are currents or rapids. In such rivers, using a float tube is very dangerous especially if one is wearing waders. It is advisable to consider purchasing inflatable kayaks, rafts or pontoon boats for river fishing.

The float tubes are the most ideal fishing platform when it comes to isolated lakes and small ponds. It is however not ideal for large lakes especially in a windy weather. They work well in the shorelines of large lakes or smaller lakes for easy anchoring in case you get tired. Fishing in remote, backcountry waters calls for the use of a float tube because they are easily packable compared to other fishing platforms.

If you find float tubes to be your most preferred fishing platform, here are the top three that you can choose from.


Cumberland Fishing Float Tube by Classic Accessories

The float tube comes with an extra high seat that makes fishing an enjoyable experience

  • Adjustable backpacking shoulder straps
  • Two rod holders, two drink holders and two cargo pockets featuring double zippers that are easy to open
  • Mesh stripping apron with a fish ruler
  • Thickly padded seat that has an adjustable backrest for comfort while fishing.
  • Boston valves that make deflation and inflation easy
  • Safety flag holder
  • An orange rear for high visibility


  • Easy to pack and portable
  • Floats well
  • The seat is high in the water


  • Irreplaceable air bladders

Teton Float Tube by Classic Accessories

The float tube is well designed for easy access to deep waters and strategic fishing spots

  • Stripping apron with a fish ruler
  • Horizontal rod holder
  • Has a back storage pocket
  • Hydrodynamic hull shape that enhances steering and tracking
  • D-rings for attachment of creel bags and the gear
  • Comfortable backrest
  • Armrest pockets
  • Quick release stripping apron
  • Safety flag pocket


  • Durable and tough


  • A bit problematic when wading
  • Inaccessible inflating tube

Classic Accessories the Togiak Pontoon Float Tube

  • Shoulder straps for backpacking
  • Horizontal rod holder
  • Stripping apron with fish ruler
  • Adjustable backrest and high back stadium steam.
  • Hydrodynamic hull shape for easy tracking, buoyancy and stability.
  • Rear mesh storage
  • Spacious armrest storage with additional gear pockets, flat zip pockets, reel pockets and small mesh pockets
  • Quick-release stripping apron
  • Safety flag pocket


  • Comfortable seat blocks that offer a stable and buoyant platform
  • Multiple pocket options


  • Large foam cushions that take a lot of space
  • Harder and takes longer to deflate


Float tubes remain one of the most preferred fishing platform for many anglers mainly because they are inexpensive, lightweight and ultra-portable. As such, float tubes fit into the life of an angler on a budget and after a fishing platform for fishing in remote lakes, dams or in areas with smaller bodies of water.

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