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4 best fishing kayak for the money

Since you are in this website, you probably looking for kayaks which is valuable for your hard earned money. you may be currently using motor boats, canoe or you are absolute beginner.It's the right time to give up those expensive boats thereby you can forget about your loans and other maintenance bills today. As you know, Kayaking is one of the hottest trends and hot discussion topic in fishing community.If you are an absolute beginner check our beginners guide for choosing kayaks.

Kayak fishing is easier than any other water crafts. Manufacturers have been come up with a lot of good features in kayaks and it looks stable and secure.Its a well fishing platform for fishermen in now a days.You should know about certain aspects before buying any type of kayaks which helps to give better stability and performance on the surface of water.

What are the factors to consider before buying a Fishing Kayak

There are certain points you have to check out before finalizing on kayak.Your overall experience depends on how you are going to choose the best one.You have to look for performance,functional and comfortnes on any kayak.Well,  you have to check the budget whether the kayak in market is valuable for my money.

You can choose best fishing kayaks under $1000 or $500.It depends on the budget. As you know the features varies depends on the money you spend. Let's look into other important features such as paddle,pedal,sit on top, sit-in-top,rigging,cost and fishing location and environment.Do you need stock kayak or Angler.Stock kayaks are less expensive than rigged ones.If you have enough experience you can buy stock version and you yourself can ring on this version.

Choosing Paddle or Pedal

​Its up you to decide whether pedal or paddle requires. The pedal powered kayaks are expensive than non paddle kayaks.If you would like to buy paddle base kayaks its always good to carry a pedal since you wont get pedal with them and its good for safe side.

​Facts about Location and Environment

​Where you are actually going to paddle. will you choose white waters or lakes. In this case you will have to choose recreational kayaks. There are best ones available here.Some people prefer with friends or would like to travel alone. I would say tandem kayaks are the best one.You can get some of the best tandem kayaks here.

Another one is whitewater and sea kayaking. Inflatable kayaks are perfect for these environment.These types of kayaks are getting faster attention in anglers world now a days because it can be kept in your cars deck.In case, you need more information check our inflatable fishing kayaks section.​

​Sit On Top vs Sit In Kayaks

​As far as I know most of them choose sit on top kayaks compared to sit In kayaks.The former one allows you to access the gear easily. The only problem with this is you may get wet journey on this.This is not good if the climate is winter and you don't feel comfortness. I would say you should go with sit in Kayaks which is good for fishing since its having large cockpits.You will also get storage space in the middle in the case of sit-in kayaks.

​Kayak Gear

​A good fishing kayak has been found with top accessories.You have to organise Rod holders,set options and other gears to get lot of fun in fishing and catching.I remember 15 years ago we had traditional kayaks and should put rod holder on it but now a days most of the companies come up with rod holder either installed or will provide an area for doing from our side.There are plenty of good rod holders available in market and its easy to install as well.The main difference between normal Kayak and fishing kayak is the built in Rod holder.

​Choosing Seat

​Another area is seat.Whether the Rod holder can be placed in back side of the seat. Is there any space over there ? If your seat is having provision for rod holder you should look for hydration. Is there any space for water bottle accommodation, Next is the comfort which is very important and you should check that you are happy with the back support provided by the Kayak.In case if not , plenty of Kayak seats are available in market.You should also have a look on Other options such as cockpit,center hatch,milk crate and other accessories.


​As we know it's very important factor and I have heard that people are not using proper kayaks because most of them prefer less expensive fishing kayaks. I would say money is not an important factor for getting best fishing kayaks. We also have given a good list on this page and you can buy best fishing kayaks for your money.

​In nutshell, you also should consider different types of kayaks , it's stability,speed,Storage and Maneuverability. Fishing is very fun on surface of the water and If you are looking for exact fun look on all the above facts and choose the fishing kayaks based on these valuable points.

​Top Kayaks in the market

​Old Town Predator 13 Kayak

​You can look on this fishing kayaks if your requirements are

1. You are looking for stable stand up fishing kayak

2. Are you looking for comfortable seat with many options ?

3. You need to catch more fish than my paddle and need to cover more areas.

4. Kayaks which can be maintained yourself.

All your requirement can be met by this cute Predator.Some of the Specification of this model are​

Length :13’2″.
Weight: it is just 86 LBS.
Category: Sit-On-Top.
Capacity: Max 425 pounds.
Is it for fishing : Yes.
Width : it is 33.5″.
Propulsion : Paddle type.


  • It is a fast Kayak because of its length
  • A perfect outfitting , Transducer scupper port available.
  • It has enough dry storage area.
  • Steady Balance
  • You can take step forward and backward without any issues on this Kayak.
  • Seat can be folded forward.
  • Storage Pouch is available in back of the seat.
  • It has roomy hatch and its good for securely keeping gear bags.
  • Dual tip rod holder.


  • lack of an anchor trolley.
  • This kayak little bit heavy.

Sun Dolphin Journey 12-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak

This has been designed to move skillfully in an easyway.Let's look into the specification

​It's color is Sand,dimension is 13.5 by 29.5 by 144", weight is just 48 pounds. This can be used for kayaking,fishing and boating.

​It's a good Kayak and paddles in easy way and has the capacity to provide decent tracks.The main features are


  • comes with fush Rod holders
  • One waterproof insert
  • Good for large storage
  • It's a budget fishing kayak
  • It's Portable Accessory Carrier is a great feature.
  • Sit on Fishing kayak.


  • Not good for short trip.
  • No self balancing scuppers available.
  • The water on the board should be baled by yourself.Its a manual action.
  • The customer support is that much good but I can say its happens once in a while.
  • Quality is not that much super but its medium and good for money.

Basically I will provide 8 out of 10. I can recommend this budget fishing kayak to anyone. I dont find major faults on this model. You can upgrade to next high level board if you are really a pro and you are able to enjoy the fishing and catching.Overall Its a good Kayak.

Sun Dolphin Bali SS 12-Foot Sit-on top Kayak

Its an Hybrid kayak. You may feel that you are very close to the hull even though its a sits-on kayak.

Look at some of the features below (pros)

Normally you can see scuppers on SOT but its not available in this model. There is no system to drain cockpit as you expect from other models.The design of this kayak is fantastic and you will get plenty of storage space.

Its a good one for tracking and its stable to an extend.


  • You will have to order a bottom cushion as none is available with this model
  • Footrest are not that much comfortable.
  • Some customers found difficult to remove hatch covers.

All in all its not that much bad but its fine.

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Expedition Kayak

The advanced Frame fishing kayak is the most stable version we found.You can use it for touring,fishing,trips etc.It also allows tracking but We should suggest to buy a drop stitch as an add on. So that tracking would be very good. The building quality is same as you expect from an inflatable mode. There is no doubt on that.

The functionality,price and durability is perfect on this model.If you are looking for best portable kayak, You can think about this model in our list first.


Low center of gravity
Better stability
Double chambers, This provides an extra buoyancy and nice paddling
Very comfortable.
This has been built in Aluminum ribs
Good Tracking.

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