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Best Fishing Kayak Under 1000 – An ultimate Review guide 2017

As we know that kayak was created 5000 years ago in Arctic and its surrounding areas. It's very popular now a days due to its environment adaptability, security, speed and it can even reach far locations where other water crafts can't reach. Most kayaks are available in 2 version such as Stock and Angler.What I have seen in recent years, Most of them prefer Angler version of kayaks and getting good experience but eventually start looking in stock versions. In nutshell, they prefer to customize the kayaks according to their needs or buying stock version. We have a good list below check for 2016's & 2017's  top kayaks.You can see all top kayak types model on this list.

Fishing kayaks Under 1000. An Ultimate Resource for you

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​What types of kayaks you should buy ?

This depends on the different parameters such as construction , stability, speed, secure etc. It's a known fact that longer kayaks are faster than short ones. The wider kayaks is having better stability than narrow ones.

There are kayaks available for different purpose such as Inflatable kayaks, Recreational kayaks, Touring kayaks, sit-on-top-kayaks, sit-in kayaks, Saltwater Kayaks and Freshwater Kayak Fishing. I am aware that some fishermen are looking for motorboat instead of fishing from kayaks.But kayak and it's accessories are less expensive to buy than a motorboat. You can also catch rare type of fishes by using Kayaks.Kayak fishing is very challenge and you should have proper accessories and kayaks in your hand to get great fun.

​It's a challenge to pick up a good kayaks for everyone. We have made this ultimate list to guide you on the correct path.These Kayaks are based on the best sellers in the market as well as on their quality. There are different aspects you should consider before buying a perfect kayak which brings happiness and success in your kayak ride. I would say price has major role in this particular area even though every one looking for other qualities such as size,storage space, model etc.  I will be giving variety of models and you can choose the best one based on the design, quality and cost of the kayak.

Therefore, We have prepared a nice list those who are looking for inexpensive fishing kayak. You can see worlds top manufactures best fishing kayak brands which is having cost under $1,000. (If you are from Europe or Asia your price will be on your denomination instead of Dollar.)

Top Fishing Kayaks under 1000

​Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak

If you are in search for an ultimate kayak this will be a great arsenal in your outdoor kayaking ride. This sit on top fishing kayak allows maximum 3 people on the board. The biggest feature of Lifetime kayaks is tunnel hull design. What does it mean ? This is nothing but it allows you to both sit and standing up. This provides a n overall good experience in your fishing life. Lets check what are the other cool features provided by this awesome kayak. Not only the above mentioned feature but also this provides a perfect front cargo space, interior storage space thus it allows to secure your items.

Features, Pros & Cons​

​This lightweight kayak has been made of plastic thus it gives a perfect ride, easy journey and durability. The other important notable features are its paddle clips and cradle. It comes up with 3 seats, 3 fishing pole holders(Great for all 3 people)In nutshell,I would say this kayak is easy to use,best quality is giving, it is compact, lightweight, Paddles back rests and its adjustable. I expect they will put 2 rod holder on both sides when additional features adds to this model. I am not able to see any other issues on this ultimate kayak.You can get this product for reasonable amount from below link.

Ocean Kayak Frenzy Reviews

A perfect kayak for those who want to ride on the surf or with a tide.We have another renowned kayaks which got second place in our list.The main specialty of this kayak is it's Tri Form hull which gives good stability and tracking while you ride.If you are looking for a prefect enjoyment in kayak, you should look on this model.The same company has old model but now its not available it was less expensive compared to this new model but it tracks very well.This small kayak have lot of features such as it is responsive ( which means that you will have good stability while you paddle on this kayak), its very good on the surf of water and also it acts well on flat water.This model is perfectly good option for both children and adults.

Take a peak on it's specification.Its having 9'0" length, 31" width,18" seat width, 44LBS Weight,Item weight is 41. Pounds and maximum capacity from 275 to 325 LBS only.As I have mentioned above it is perfect for starters and a seasoned kayakers. Tracking is another good advantage you get on this piece.Another advantage is its not that much fast as you think but at the same time its not too slow.

​Features , Pros & Cons

  • It's perfect on wallet.
  • It's a stable model.
  • Very good Tracking ability.
  • A great weight capacity.
  • Its easy to lift since the weight is just 42 pounds.
  • Its very easy to install accessories as the model is very compatible.
  • Its perfect for every one. It doesn't matter whether you are just going to use kayaks or not.If you are looking for more comfort I would advice you should buy Ocean kayak comfort pro backseat and it will be perfect in case if you find any issues on seat.


  • It has been built for surf so it doesn't ride good in still water but still you can ride on this.
  • It looks very bulky.
  • It's not too fast.
  • It makes small sound when many small waves slaps the hull of Kayaks. You can't hear the noise if you are in your kayak but can hear from another frenzy.

Even though It has some cons which we have mentioned above, this piece looks awesome.Are you looking for high speed kayaks ? I dont care about this.I also dont mind sound issues. All in all I can say its a very fun kayak 🙂 Perfect for all age groups. You can read more below.

Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak Review

​This is another top rated fishing kayak on the market in 2017. You can trust on these brand as they keep on making quality outdoor gears and accessories to the consumer hand. And I can say there is no exception on Coleman Kayak. This is the best rated kayak you can pick from the market and you don't need to spend any extra amount on this after buying this model. you can directly use for catching fish.

Features, Pros & Cons

This inflatable kayak has been designed for maximum durability on water surface so its worth for your money and its a 100% guarantee from the manufacturer.I would like to share some of the notable features below.

  • Quality material has been used for construction.
  • It has multiple air chambers
  • It has trusted Boston valve.
  • NMMA certified.
  • one year warranty.
  • Comes with carry bag.
  • Air leakage proof system.


  • Its good for fishing.
  • Packing is easy.
  • So many storage pockets inside to keep your things.
  • Easy to use pressure gauge.
  • Its steady in all water surface.
  • Affordable price.


  • If your seat are worn you wont get a replacement.You will have to pack this very carefully. You can't always trust on Boston Valve.I would advice you to inflate the kayak with minimum air pressure so that you can avoid major issues.
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