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Best fishing kayak under 500

Kayak fishing has been a best outdoor activity for the last few years.Investment on kayak should be a lifetime achievement.It's vital to understand about each kayak before you finalize on your kayak.It's a time-consuming process to read each and every kayak, and you will be in confusion to buy a good one. There are so many kayaks available under 500 Dollar. The Top 5 has been listed on this site based on the price.You can directly go to store from here by skipping kayaks beginners guide.In case you have missed our new article about best fishing kayak 2017, check it for more information. 

How to choose a fishing kayak

We know that most of the kayaks are junk Which is under $500 but you can choose a perfect one based on following criteria even though you have to look on other criteria.

The main factors are  a)Type.  b)Warranty.    c)Size.   d)Price.   e)Color

Type of the Kayaks :

If you are looking for fishing Kayak, SOT is the best available option in the market.I have a detailed guide to kayak types.

Warranty :

If the company provide complete warranty means they have faith in their product, and it's a quality product and no need to worry about price, and you can jump on that model without any worry.

size :  

You should know that whether you are looking for single,two-person or family based kayaks.The size varies from different kayaks and it's type.

Price :  

The last one is the price.You may get kayaks from $100 to $1500 range. It doesn't mean if the price is high it is having good stability and performance.We have listed best kayaks on this website which can accommodate in your budget without losing quality.Kayaking is a more expensive sport but once you enjoy the kayak world and try to upgrade accessories its even more costly.Always good quality products are available, but you should find a budget kayaks. Of course, you can find a good one here.

​Color :

​The color is also an important factor. All the research shows that the fish can't see the color, but the fish can't see the shadow of the object in underwater.You can choose blue or green.It doesn't matter. But I advise you to choose eye-catching colors so that other can see your kayak in case any accident occur.

Best kayak for fishing under 500

Emotion 90259 Renegade XT Fishing Kayak

It's a user-friendly fishing kayak which accommodates for big size paddlers perfect comfort and mobility.The backrest is very attractive and provides good support and also its removable piece.This model has 2 flush mount rod holders, and its foot wells are good.It can perform in all conditions.This model is from the USA, and it has been constructed with high import components.


Dimensions: 120 by 36 by 14.", Weight: 49 pounds , Origin: US


Questions asked by customers :

Q1. Can we mount an electric Motor?

Yes, You can fix. There are plenty of space available for a seat.

Q2. Does it have paddle storage?

No, You will have to buy a clip, and you should fix with the help of screws.

Q3. Can we adjust the Seat?

Emotion 90259 Renegade XT Fishing Kayaks seat is adjustable.

Q4. What about the tracking?

Tracking is not that much perfect


Good initial stability

Reasonable price. You will get for around $500

Coleman QuikPak K5 Kayak

It's an inflatable kayak and work like our standard traditional kayak.You can easily fold up after the use and also fits well into any SUV storage space.

​Capacity,Dimension & Weight

It has the max capacity of 250 pounds, and one person alone can set up and put it in a backpack.The weight is about 28 lbs. It helps easy to carry in a case.The backpack has padded straps which give you excellent comfort while carrying or transport from one destination to another place.It is 120" long and 34" wide.


It has been constructed with polyester material.

Other Specs

It is very easy to assemble in just 10 minutes.It has a double lock and small lock valves.


It shines in the area of stability.


A perfect kayak is a tricky one. QuickPak K5 has a poor quality of accessories.

Lifetime Muskie Angler Sit-On-Top Kayak with Paddle, Tan, 120

​Kayaking is great fun for all family members.If you are looking for an all round kayak, this is the best for you at this price level.It has been designed for maximum three people accommodation but can be used for solo or family trips.It is one of the good multipurpose kayaks currently available in shops.Nowadays a lot of resorts and hotels offer kayaking packages, and you also love to take the kids out.There is worry about safety as kids accompanying with you. This Tandem kayak allows taking children out of you.

​Features & Pros

  • Multipurpose kayak for a family.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Innovative Design.
  • Dimension is 103x36"
  • One year Warranty.
  • Bottle holders available.
  • Push button on paddles.
  • Good Tracking.
  • Rear carry handles.
  • It has two paddles.
  • It has the capacity of 500 LBS.
  • You can carry your child and an additional person.


​It is mentioned lightweight, but you require help from another person.

If you are looking for extra speed, it's not the right piece.It's not for racing.

Dagger Kayaks Zydeco 9.0 Kayak

This kayak has created for long trips, river, ponds, lakes and slow-moving waters.It has 28.5" width. It has great stability.Its capacity is 220 LBS.The kayak weight is 36.5 pounds.I found it was easy to maneuver on any surface.


  • You can customize the kayak according to your needs
  • You will love the cup holder.
  • Its seating system is perfect.
  • Foot brace system.

Overall it's a good kayak If you are just starting it's a perfect kayak.

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