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best fishing rods for beginners

If fishing is your hobby, You should have proper accessories to start your fishing journey.There are useless products available in the market always so that You should always find a suitable rod.You can read on and find best fishing rods for beginners from the below list.I hope our article will direct you to appropriate areas. It will help you to build a proper foundation of your skills. Every beginner should be aware of following tips.

Beginners Tips for choosing rod

1.Don't spend too much money on fishing rod

2.You should have proper understanding of fishing and water

3.Always consider good water bodies

4.Beginners should start with small fish.

5.Try to get small fish rods

6.You should use a correct lure with rods.Do not use the heavy one.

7.Inspect components of rods before using.The rod parts are important.which materials have used on the rod ?

8. Keep it in a safe position always.

9. Choose the right rod depends on the fishing areas.

10. You can also ask to experienced anglers about the rods.

11. You may be heard about fly fishing, It's frustrating for beginners. I recommend no fly fishing rods for beginners who just start fishing.

12. Your outfit must be balanced (the rod and reel should be matched to hold same line size).

13.I prefer to buy a combo to outfit this balance.

14. Read the specification on the rod and reel correctly. Most of them don't give much preference for reading this valuable information.

15.if you are going to fish in a large boat, don't buy fishing rods.

16. Many beginners may not consider travel, but if you are going out for holidays, there is a chance you will be catching some fish. Always purchase a rod which you can use for traveling.

17.Choose a rod based on type of material

18.Kind of fishing reel also matters.

19. How do you feel the rod in your hand? The comfortnes of the rod is critical.

20. You should ask yourself following questions what type of fish you need?  Where are you fishing, How do you fishing? And when are you fishing?

21. You should look for rods which offer durability and good performance.

22.The ideal fishing rod is suited to the different style.Choose the rod based on above 21 points.

23.I prefer you to buy a medium weight and medium length casting rod.It's approx 7.5 ft in length.

24.You should be aware that an ideal rod can be used with a good reel.

25.Look for a rod which can be packed in a bag.

What kind of fishing rod you are looking for in case if you are looking for  Ice fishing Rods just explore here for more details. You can find top 10 fishing rods for beginners and experts here.

Top Beginner Fishing Rods

Based on the above 25 points, you have got an idea about how to pick up the correct one.In my testing, I prefer 2 attributes.They are durability and quality.Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler you should give preference to those two parts.Let's look at some of the best fishing rods here in our store. You can also learn how to choose best spinning rods.

Okuma Celilo Graphite Salmon

This is a celilo series fish rod.It has been developed based on the inputs from the top fishermen.It's a perfect bouncing graphite rod. This has been made with the High-quality material.It ensures long term reliability.As its sensitive its easy for all kind of fishermen.

Its reel seats have developed by stainless steel.Its Grade fore has been made of a quality material.Its grips are awesome in your hand.As it is 8'6'medium, it's perfectly for beginners, and its line rating is from 10to 20 lb.Its available in following model number CE-C-1062Ha,CE-C-762Ha,CE-C-862Ha,CE-C-862MHa,CE-C-862MLa,CE-C-862Ma,CE-C-902Ha,CE-C-902MHa,CE-C-902XHa,CE-C-962MLa.

Pinnacle Eye Candy Combo for ladies

It's an eye-catching combo rod from Pinnacle Eye Candy.It has been designed Specially for ladies who are interested in fishing.The color patterns have been Designed to attract ladies.It's available in 6 sizes at stores.Its rod and reel are balanced well so its safe and responsive for beginners and experienced fishermen.If we look at the weight, it's come under lightweight section.Other features are cork handle grips, non-slip ability, made with durable stainless steel.

Highlighted features

1. Graphite Body

2. Anti-reverse fishing rod( noise maker when fish strikes )

3. Balanced Rotor ability

4. It has multi-disc which gives enhance Front Drag.

Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Rod

​Buying fishing accessories is always a challenge especially a rod.I have got Some time to check the quality of Abu Garcia Vengeance rod. Here go my findings.

​Highlighted features

​1. It is designed for people who are looking for high-performance Rod

​2. Cosmetics of the Rod is fantastic

​3.It has excellent water performance ability.

​4.It's a lightweight fishing rod

​5.Ability to perform on the back cast when a fish bites

​6. I felt a spongy feel.

​7.It has a good hook up ratio when the fish bites.

​8. I got a good grip while fishing.There is no slipping grip.

​9.I didn't get any breakage problem when I was testing, and I used extensively to Check it's durability.I finally found that it's a great piece.

​Okuma Classic Pro GLT Downrigger Rod

​It's a perfect rod for Lakes anglers.It has been constructed with fiberglass blank.It's hoods and guides are built with stainless steel.The butt area has rubberized material which gives good gripping power in case your hands wet.


​1. Durable product

​2. Flexible and Sensitive.

​3.Very Lightweight.

​4.It has nice Backbone.

​5.Good for the money

​6.Accurate casting

​7.Good for walleye and salmon trolling

​8.You can use it for catching large fish

​9.Great Tip action

​10.End knob is perfect for fishing.

​11.EVA rubber grip.

​12. Hybrid design


​1. Easy to break

​2. This rod is sleek

​Overall It's a best downrigger rods for the money

​Berkley Cherrywood HD Casting Rods

​This fish rod I bought it for my son and he started to catch large fish. I also started to cast few times and noticed that its a lightweight product and its worth a lot for your money.

Shimano Trevala Casting Rods

Its primarily for saltwater fishing. I found some of the key points when analysed.

Highlighted features

1. light weight

2. Very good for jigging - Butterfly style jigs.Its a new concept

3. Good in deep water fishing.

​4. very flexible

​5. It is both responsive and comfortable

​6. It is good for beginners but I have seen that this is for medium and big fish anglers.

​7. it is a conventional rod

​8. Custom shaped Rear grip.

​9. Nice Hook Keeper

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