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Best fly fishing vest 2017 reviews

Fly fishing vests have become the lifeblood of an angler’s effective stream and lakeside attire. Though often overlooked, a fishing vest does more than meets the eye. They are purposed to carry around all the fishing tools with the inclusion of lures and flies among other items needed to undertake an organized fishing experience. As the carrier of the items, the vest needs to perfectly fit and of comfort when loaded.

It is recommended that when purchasing the fishing vest, buyers should look for vests than are a size larger than their normal wearing jacket; this is because the vest is worn at top of other clothing such as jackets especially during the cold weather.

The depth of water should also be put into consideration when fishing for the vest. If you fish mainly in the deep waters, then short vests are the best option, this is because the bottoms will be unlikely to get soaked.

Pocket-wise, it is important to buy a vest with sufficient number of pockets. The number of the pockets will depend on your shopping gear; however, a total of ten to fifteen pockets are recommendable. Buying a vest with too many pockets is a bit tricky as it pushes you to fill it with too many fishing gear making the vest much heavier.

The vest should have at least one Velcro or zippered pocket to put sensitive items such as glasses when fishing. A waterproof pocket is of high importance as a nice place for the fishing license and mobile phone. The small pockets should not interfere with the casting. All the pockets should be easily accessible.

D-rings are also an important feature of flying fishing vests. They are useful for placing the retractable tools such as scissors, fishing net and whistles that can be used in emergency cases. A D-ring attached using a cloth loop is better than that using an elastic band. A soft pliable pad can be placed allowed the collar to avoid the stress of the neck or the back.

The top 3 fishing vests

Fly Fishing Vest Mesh by AnglaTech Adjustable for Men and Women

The flying vest is lightweight with a design to hold a greatest amount of fishing gear. It is endowed with light zippers that open quietly and quickly. The large pockets meant for stowing extra gear. It also features plastic buckles for connection. The two waterproof pockets and the adjustable straps meant for comfort.


1. Performance

The fishing vest can be trusted for comfort and versatility with rip stop materials, adjustable straps and waterproof pockets.

2. Quality

The cords, zippers, mesh backs and multiple pockets allow the vest to be lightweight and comfortable to carry around thus offering top quality services.

3. Value and satisfaction

The vest comes at an affordable price combined with best and trustful services.


• The materials used to make the vests are durable and last for a long period of time

• The mesh at the back allows for excellent airflow and comfort

• The pockets are easily accessible

• Waterproof pockets to hold cell phones and other sensitive gadgets


• Might feel different from the traditional anglers’ vests

• Quite expensive

• It might feel too lopsided when bulky

2. Allen Company Gallatin Ultra Light Strap Fishing Vest

This vest is lightweight with a maximum carrying capacity. It has a padded neck that relieves the back and neck pain. The neck strap has an integrated D-ring for attaching lines and small scissors. The zip closure front pockets are able to hold even large fly boxes.​


• Lightweight design with a maximum carrying capacity

• A padded neck strap plus attached D rings

• Zip closure front pockets

• Large mesh interior pockets and multiple exterior pockets


​• Lightweight and comfortable

• Reduced neck and back stress

• Maximum storage

• Offers a lot of room for adjustment


​• No waterproof pockets

• Plastic zippers that may not last long in salty water

3. SF Fly Fishing Mesh Vest with Back Pack Adjustable

​The V pop vest is designed for comfort and maximum storage. It contains two shell pockets, numerous pockets, comfortable back structure and rod holder strap to hold your rob tube.


• Lightweight

• Very strong back structure

• Affordable price


​• The very big front pockets which make it hard to find what you are looking for once inside the water.

• It is not secure enough as they are protected from opening by a small Velcro strip.


Comfort is everything. Fishing is an exhausting task that requires help to distribute the weight around the upper body. Fishing vests should be developed to minimize uncomfortable stress or prevent it from forming.

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