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best gopro mount for fishing

It is with no doubt stating that fishing is the most exciting activity. People who have ventured or are aspiring to venture into fishing either as a sport or for commercial purposes often want to capture and store their experiences for future admiration and as a reminder. This is where GoPro comes in. GoPro enables you to capture all the action and the magic in the water. GoPro allows you to capture photos and take videos from any angle and perspective you might think of. On top of the Gopro cameras there is one other accessory that is required in order to render your fishing expedition a complete success and breathtaking experience. GoPro fishing mount is entitled to holding your Gopro in position all through your fishing period. Different GoPro cameras call for a different GoPro fishing mount.

​Factors to Consider before choosing GoPro Mount

There are several factors you should take into consideration when purchasing a fishing mount. Besides,it is wise to choose one that completely meets your preferences.​

1. Price

Before choosing a fishing mount it is advisable to be sure how much you are willing to spend. Knowing how much you can pay enables you to pick a fishing mount that will not be a problem paying. GoPro fishing mounts' prices vary. Always remember that a little more money buys conveniences.

2.Type of Gopro Camera

Some fishing mounts are not compatible with some GoPro cameras. There exists many types of GoPro cameras for example Hero 4 Black,Hero 5 Black,Hero+ LCD,to mention but a few. It is essential to pick a fishing mount that will be compatible with your camera.

3.Size Of Screen

Some fishing mounts contain small display screens while others are large. It all depends whether you want to view your photos and videos in a wide and clear screen or whether you prefer a small screen.

Top GoPro Fishing Mount​

1. GoPro Headstrap Mount And Quick Clip: This package comes with a head strap, quick clip and thumb screw. This mount provides you with a variety of head mounting options. In addition,it can be conveniently adjusted to fit all sizes. You can choose to wear the head strap on your head or over a helmet to capture your action from a headlamp-like perspective.The quick clip on the other hand makes low-profile mounting possible as well as enabling ultra-compact . It can also be used to attach your GoPro to a baseball cap placed backwards or other thick objects. What makes this mount stand out is the fact that it is compatible with all GoPro cameras. It is also WiFi and Bluetooth enabled.


Comfortable headstrap

It is easy to get a tight fitting grip since the headstrap is adjustable

One can easily see the target

You can set it to auto-off mode

Easy to set up


Visibility can be a problem in very bright days

Requires adjusting every now and then

2.Glift Fishing Bow And Firearm GoPro Sportsman Mount:It is multinational and compatible with guns. It tightly fits bow apparatuses and grips with a diameter of 10mm to 23mm. You can mount two cameras,facing either the front or back or even both to capture a large amount of footage in respect to various angles and perspectives.Cameras can also be fixed below or on the sides for maximum results.


​Available at a reasonable price

​The clamp leaves no marks or scratches on camo barrel

​It can be positioned in many ways

​Very secure

​It is solid and sturdy


​It can prove hard to set up on the bow

​Some might find it very expensive

​Shows rust quickly when exposed to salty water

3.GoPro Gooseneck Mount: Its a bendable neck that provides a wide range of adjustability . It is therefore easy to capture a wide range of angles and perspectives.It can also act as an adjustable handheld camera grip. With this mount it is possible to raise the camera above the mounting surface to achieve a higher perspective. If you desire to capture hard to reach shots around corners or over obstacles this is the most suitable mount. It is also possible to join multiple goose necks together for longer reach and greater flexibility.

Pros: Waterproof​, Affordable, Less lag time, Sturdy

Cons:​ It is hard to read the display since the screen is small

The screen is too reflective

4:Jaws Flex Camp​:

The package includes jaws flex camp and an adjustable neck. You can adjust the neck to any angle. With this GoPro fishing mount the camera can be attached directly to the clamp to enable low-profile mounting. It contains quick release bases which makes it easy to move the camera between different angles and locations. It also comes with a connector to mount the camera directly to the clamp without using the extension neck.​


Versatile, Does not require endless screwing and unscrewing, The clamp is solid and secure, One is assured to make the shot at first sight, Affordable


The neck bends once exposed to strong winds, A bit stiff when new

5.Yolotek Yo-Asv1 Aqua Stick

Comes with a navigation light base mounted waterproof action camera extension mounting stick. Aqua stick mounts your GoPro camera in your navigation light port. Offers great points of view for the camera. This is the newest GoPro fishing mount. It was introduced to the market just recently.​

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