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Best handheld GPS for fishing

Fishing adventure without a good Handheld GPS is not possible now a days.If you are looking for latest GPS or upgrading existing system, Our buying guide and useful reviews helps you to choose the best device in your hand. A fishing gps can provide valuable location information which is helpful for fishermen.We recommend to use a Marine GPS with chart.

​If you are heading into unknown area, and a Global position system (GPS) can save your life if situation like bad weather,rain,snow,fog and poor visibility.The GPs system is useful unit for fishing, expetialy if you are into above situation or if you are new into kayaking and fishing or if you lost your favourite fishing place. You always need to know points where fish available, if the are is not good then no need to revisit again and again. That is why you have to consider a good GPS with following features such as

​What you need to look in a good handheld GPS ?

​1. Built-In Map

2. Waterproof

3. Display unit

4. Fast GPS unit.

5. Durability.

6. Touchscreen feature.

​Touchscreen feature :-

whether you need traditional non touch screens or touch screen ? Touch screens are faster compared to our old traditional screen.The real problem of touch screens are , you may find some difficulties to read in day light.​

​Built-In Map:-

​It's an important feature when you have GPS with you because you should not never miss coastlines,large fish areas and less fish areas. IF you have built-in maps you can mark all the above details on the GPS by using builtin software.There are Mapping software available and you can install and therby you are getting updated satellite and other Global place information on the unit.


​It's an important feature of every GPS system. you should look for waterproof feature while buying a unit.As you are going into the water,always there is a chance your device might be contacted with water.

​Fast GPS Unit:-

​If the device is fast its better, so always look for quick receiving receivers which can receive the signals in fast mode.

​You should look for WAAS enabled systems for this.

​Display Unit:-

​There are different kinds of display units available in the online store.You have to choose the right one based on your needs.I have seen that there are fisher men they look for shades.Its not necessary.

​We recommend you to choose a GPS with a sun readable TFT. It has the capacity to get exact readings about locations at any condition.


​Another important area where you need to look for, GPS durability.Always choose the one which is having good user reviews and warranty on market.

​we have reviewed 78,78c,62,62s,62sc,62stc and 62st Garmin series here in this post. You can also read about Magellan eXplorist 310 features and reviews from bottom of this page.

​Difference between Garmin 78 and 78sc

​78sc offers Sensors and Charts.

78 model have no sensors and charts.

78sc provide Sensors but no charts.

You can read the reviews and features of all the above GPS unit below.

Garmin GPSMAP 78sc Waterproof Marine GPS Chartplotter reviews.

This is one of the handheld GPs me and My friend purchased from amazon for the new fishing season. Initially I was little bit scared to order this unit because of the price and really worried that, will it have good facilities which I have been looking for ? Initially I was not happy, but after I got the product Technical team in the Garmin really helped me to solve the issue and helped me how this unit works overall.

Initially I thought the button on the screen would make this unit awkward but later I understood its a very much needed to use in easy way.I noticed that the display is very easy to read in direct sunlight.I tried the reader by turned off the back light but I was able to read the screen properly.As most of the racing marks are already included, It was easy for me so that I don't need to add any points to the system. I use rechargeable acid batteries on the device instead of purchasing.

The other feature Which really attracted are its uploading facility of map.

Features which I love

High sensitivity GPS receiver.

color TFT display.

One Year warranty.waterproof unit.

Built in micro SD card.

Built-in Bahamas coastal charts.

You can share your way-points geocaches and routes with other compatible device by using wireless.


The maps are expensive.

Garmin GPSMAP 78 Marine GPS Navigator.

It's an another marine friendly handheld GPS from Garmin.Some of its cool features are color mapping, a very high sensitivity receiver,side grips,micro SD card slot ( you can load additional maps).It also has world wide base map.This supports Birdseye Satellite Imagery.You can download satellite images.Its a waterproof system based on IPX7

This supports geocaching.You dont need to carry maps when you are in boats or kayaks. It really helps the environment. You can easily connect with your laptop or computers and can analyse your activities snad tracks.

As its having hig sensitivity receiver it helps to locate your position quickly. You can easily find your way by using this cool GPS unit.


Lens window is polarized so the color screen is super

Powerful receiver

1.7 MB bilt in memory.

Supports Geocaching.

World wide maps has been preloaded.

Garmin Connect, able to analysis all the activity and tracks.

Garmin GPSMAP 62 series Handheld Navigator(62,62s,62sc,62stc and 62st)

Garmin GPSMAP came to market 10 years ago and this is still preferred by every one because of the features provided by them.There are 5 series in this section.They are as follows.62,62s,62sc,62stc and 62st.

All these 5 series have same hardware and 2.6" 65k color display.(its a non touch sensitive screen)The resolution is 160 by 240 with eight buttons and 4 navigation button in the center of the unit.It has been designed with waterproof technology named IPX7 and it is rugged.IT has 9.2 ounce weight with 2 AA batteries.It also provides 1.7 GB memory and has the option to expand through micro-SD.

MIcroSD available only in 62s and 62st.The 62 unit doesn't provide micro-SD facility.The 62s and 62st and have high speed USB but the 62 unit connect via an external connection.

​The 62st is same as 62s but it has extra features such as Maps(100k top graphic US data and also having worldwide baseMap).

​GPSMAP 62 is a great unit for fishermen and geocaches. It has the capacity to do location based activity.The hardware is little bit bulky but it provides all facilities and able to meet the expectation of fishermen.You can hold in hand and also can keep in the pocket.There is a mount in the back side and can be used to attach this to a belt clip.

​The 62's push button design is great compared to all other series.It has good user interface. It is very rugged and rounded edge so its very comfortable to hold in hand.All the control buttons are simple to use.Like push button, the 62 series main interface has a good circular menu.The most other manufactures unit has fixed menu.It also has customization page sequence.It helps to appear the pages in what order.You can easily move forward and backward like ctrl + tab in laptop and PC.It really helps you to move the pages.There is a zoom button for zooming pages,its available in main menu.

​It has 6 profiles and can be used for different activities.You can easily navigate with 62 series compared to Magellan and McNally. When you select a track its automatically creates marks in high and low points.

​It has accurate tr-axial compasses for accurate readings.Its an easy option to navigate moving.It has other cool features such as wireless data transfer, which helps to send tracks and way points to other Garmin device.You can connect to computer via USB port.Its a great handheld GPS but its not the cheapest one.

​The other best feature is its camera.The 62sc and 62stc has 5 MP digital camera and automatically geo tagging photos.

​If you are looking for great device, its a perfect choice.It has the ability to provide distance to next waypoint when you navigating but in other device has distance to distance.

​Garmin GPSMAP 62S Handheld GPS Navigator Reviews

​I recently purchased this item for my fishing trip.It's better than old Magellan Meridian and its readings are very accurate.I would say this is one of the best handheld GPS system.It doesn't come up with camera and radio,It's having good sensitivity receiver.Wireless sharing is an awesome feature of this unit.Their technical support is very helpful and answered properly for my quires.


​1.7G built in memory.

you can share waypoints,routes and tracks

.built in 3-axis.

Geoacaching features.

TFT display unit readable in daylight.

facility to upload custom maps.

2 AA batteries available in the package.

It can be used for marking waypoints.

​Magellan eXplorist 310 Fishing (GPS Version) Hot Spots Bundle

If you are looking for accurate fishing maps and 100's of US lakes map details, this will be a good option.It's a good GPS tool for beginners and experienced fishermen.It has lot of POI,lake specific tips and techniques.This bundle allows you to download up to three lakes based on your choice.

It's GPS has tons of helpful features.It has already loaded with world edition map which also provides complete information about USA road networks,Australia,Western Europe and Canada.

It's color screen provides good readability in sunlight.The device powered by 2 AA batteries and can use for 18 hours.It is a IPX-7 waterproof design.

EXplorist 310 features:-

USA preferred fishing Map.

Covers coastal and harbors.

Lakes are labeled on map.

An excellent GPS reciever.

The user interface very beautiful.

Easy navigation menu

Suspended mode , Species details available.

Gear Tips.Track summary details.

locations by lake for fishing.Geocaching facilities.

Multiple coordinates and Map.500 MB user memory .

One Year Warranty

Batteries included in the boxIts dimension is 7.1 by 10.6 by 7.2 "

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