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best ice fish finder for the money

An ice fish finder is a must have equipment for any serious ice fishing fisherman. The fish finder is essential in locating fish in ice thus making the fishing experience less tedious and more fruitful. The fish finders come with two different systems.

First, there is the flasher which shows what is there in real time without any graphical presentation.

The other option, which is the latest technology is called 2D sonar that represents information with the help of a graph showing all that is happening underneath.

The latest technology is ideal for comparing the options seen on the display. As such, choosing an ice fish finder calls for a proper understanding of the different systems available in the market. Here are some of the fish finders in the market;

Humminbird ICE 35 fish finder​


  • Durable battery
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • An amazing adjust zoom


  • Becomes defective after sometime thus unable to work up to the 200ft indicated
  • Expensive
  • The fish finder vibrates without a case. (which is sold separately)

Marcum LX-3TC  Ice fish finder


  • Easy to use.
  • Works well in water less than 20 feet deep.
  • The zoom feature works well


  • Expensive unit

Lowrance Elite-5 Ice Fish finder Machine

Pros​ & Cons

  • Comes with a multi-window display which allows layout customization
  • Clear marking of fish even when riding on speedy boats.
  • Float mount offers fast and easy removal
  • You can create a map of your own using the real sonar data
  • You can adjust the display to an angle of your choice for easier viewing
  • Comes with a high resolution
  • Has a weatherproof soft-side pack that comes with a zippered rear and front access
  • Expensive unit

Humminbird ICE 35 fish finder Reviews, Features & Specification


The Humminbird ICE 35 fish finder is made with cutting-edge technology aimed at delivering convenient, accurate, real-time and three fiber-optic detail. They also include a depth scale that is so ideal for a fishing enthusiast. . The flasher displays three colors, red, yellow and green each representing strong, medium and light consecutively The battery in this fish finder is great thus allowing you to use it for multiple outings before plugging it in for charging.

Fishermen who are into hard water fishing feel at home with this fish finder. The combination of 800 watts of peak to peak power and a dual beam transducer makes the flasher the most ideal companion when you are out into fishing. The Humminbird ICE 35 fish finder comes unassembled but this should not worry you as it will take around 30 minutes of your time to put it together.

Features & Specification

  • 7AH Battery and charger included
  • 2 year warranty
  • Three color display
  • Fibre-optic flasher display
  • Flasher runs at different depths including 20, 40, 80 and 200
  • Battery status indicator
  • Dual beam transducer, 9 and 19 degrees.
  • Four button control pad with beam, noise, gain and zoom selections making it easy to fine tune
  • Shuttle mount comes with a built-in gimbal bracket
  • 800 watts peak-to-peak power
  • Backlit keypad

Marcum LX-3TC  Ice fish finder Reviews, features & specification


The Marcum LX-3TC fish finder suffices as the most powerful flasher-sonar in the fishing industry. It boasts of bright and clear color of images be it of the bottom vegetation, baitfish, lure or fish displayed in a grade flasher with the highest resolution. The inclusion of a three color display makes it possible to do crisp contrast and color separation even when the sun is very bright.

The 12V battery in this machine does not disappoint as it will serve you all day while fishing and have some charge left for another day out. The zoom mode in this fish finder is adjustable thus allowing you to zoom to the scale of your choice. Noise reduction from any sonar units nearby is made possible by the presence of a 12-level interference rejection system.

The Marcum gets better at its job with the enhancement of target separation from 2.5 inches to 1 inch while using the zoom mode. As such, the Marcum LX-3TC fish finder has its house in order to deliver a remarkable performance for fishermen.

Features & Specifications

  • 1.5 inch target separation
  • 2,000 watts of power
  • 20 degree transducer
  • Zoom mode that is adjustable
  • Three color sonar
  • 9 Amp rechargeable battery with 12V
  • 12 level interference rejection
  • Snow shield face plate
  • Automatic battery charger

Elite-5 Ice Fish Finder Reviews, Features & Specifications


The Elite-5 Ice  fish finder Machine combines decent features for easy location of fish. Under the hood, the ice machine houses a built-in GPS, CHIRP sonar and ice fishing pack to offer the much needed service with the help of a transducer in locating the fish.

The Advanced Signal Processing feature in this system comes in handy by replacing the manual adjustment of the unit to locate fish. The weatherproof ice machine has a good battery life hence ready to get the job done.

Features & Specification

  • Comes with Built-in U.S Map
  • Uses two 12V DC 7A batteries
  • Transducer with 20 degrees of coverage
  • Chart plotter included with an ice mode software.
  • Ice pack portability system
  • Built-in GPS antenna
  • One year warranty
  • 250 W RMS Power
  • 30,000 watts of power
  • 256 color TFT 480X480 resolution
  • 83/200 KHz operating frequency
  • Fluorescent cold cathode backlighting
  • 5 inch display
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