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best ice fishing boots review 2017

A cold feet can easily turn an amazing ice fishing trip awful. Anglers ought to keep their feet warm and comfortable during winter conditions. It is necessary therefore to go out into the boot stores and get yourself a pair of boots fit for ice fishing. When out in the stores looking for winter boots, ensure that they have the following characteristics; they should be durable, have an ultra-insulation, waterproof, a removable liner and be lightweight. Additionally, they should have an EVA cushioned midsole, snow traction and a rubber exterior. These characteristics will help you in identifying the most suitable ice fishing boots for you.

Ice Fishing Boots Buying Guide

Consider Insulation

There are three commonly known footwear options namely Pac boots, insulated hunting boots and insulated rubber boots.

The pac boots come in different styles hence you should emphasize looking for models designed for recreation activities in extreme cold conditions. Do not confuse with products meant for urban trekking since they will not be able to offer traction on ice or adequate insulation. The insulated hunting boots also serve well as ice fishing footwear. They feature breathable waterproof membranes which is good for the control of moisture and precipitation thus keeping the feet dry. The heights of hunting boots vary hence you should go for those that are 8 inches and above for better insulation and protection in the deep snow. Insulated rubber come with a rubber exterior making them waterproof and they are very affordable. They come in handy in extreme wet and mild weather and act as a substitute for pac or hunting boots which are good for more frigid conditions.

The three types of footwear come with a range of insulation options. It is therefore upon you to decide on the footwear that suits you most. This is dictated by the activity level you are likely to engage in, you perspiration rate, duration of exposure, the quality of socks you wear, the outside temperature among others.


It is essential to consider waterproof fishing boots since you will be walking in the ice with a lot of dew. This will ensure that your feet are kept dry as you wade through the ice.


Remember that when buying ice fishing boots, they need to be worn with heavy socks and not the normal office socks. As such, this is likely to affect the size of the boots you purchase. You should therefore buy boots with some allowance for the thick socks in order to fit you well.

Shop locally

The online shopping craze is slowly taking over the traditional shopping gig of popping into a store after work. Online shopping does not augur well with the shopping of boots. Primarily, you need to fi the boot in order to purchase the exact size and avoid the stress of returning a small or oversize boot delivered at your doorstep.​


Choose rubber boots which ae good in suppressing your scent since the leather ones retain your scent.​

Here are the top 4 ice fishing boots that you will find useful and p to the task.

Muck Arctic Pro Camo Boot​

  • Stretch-fit topline binding
  • 2mm thermal foam underlay.
  • 8mm CR flex-foam bootie with 4-way stretch nylon.
  • Constructed with an EVA molded midsole
  • Contoured foot bed.
  • Its Synthetic


​100% waterproof and lightweight

​Very warm since they are made specifically for extreme temperatures


​Not durable

​LaCrosse Hunt Pac Extreme 10 Boot 2000gm Leather

  • Anatomical foot bed
  • Waffle insole for airflow and insulation
  • ICEPAW high grip technology
  • Open cell Polymech foam for cushioning and flow
  • Arctic Flex rubber
  • Thermoplush lining
  • Hydromax II layer
  • Vaporized aluminum membrane's metallic surface for reflecting the energy back to the foot.
  • B-Tek 4 channel hollow fiber insulation


​Very comfortable, warm and roomy


Not waterproof and bulky

LaCrosse Mens 11 Alpha Ice King Cold Weather Boot

Rubber sole

Plain toe

Removable Radientex heat reflecting lining

Nylon support shank

Leather clad Neoprone

All natural, hand-crafted rubber bottom

Soft-shell construction

Alpha Lite outsole that includes uncompromising traction in a lightweight design

Thinsulate Ultra Insulation to 800g


Good for providing heavy duty protection from ice, snow and super-cold weather conditions


Poor eyelet construction which pull out after sometime

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