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best inflatable boat brand


The company stands out because of their top quality kayaks that come in colorful designs. Most of their models are either fire orange or bright yellow thereby separating themselves from the rest. The kayaks come in different sizes hence you have the option of picking either a small one seater or a large kayak to accommodate more people on board.

The Advanced Elements kayak give more for less in terms of quality thanks to its hard-shell body built quality that will last for long. Apart from being affordable, they have also integrated advanced technology in their inflatables, both kayaks and canoes hence more improved services.​


Founded in 1983 in Seattle, the company takes pride in the manufacture of fishing inflatables. It is however well-known for the manufacture of covers for furniture, scooters, cars, boats, grills, motorcycles and RVS. The company manufactures float tubes and inflatable pontoon boats while emphasizing on high quality and durability.

The inflatables come packed with features that are above the competition as the company strives towards making the best fishing machines ever. Unlike most of their competitors, they offer various models ranging from beginner to pro.

As such, consumers have the freedom of choosing a fishing machines that meets their needs without compromising. Expect to dig deep into the pocket if you are going for a fully features packed inflatable from Classic Accessories.​


The company is based in Colorado and it is well known for making fly fishing boats. They have mastered in the art of making fly fishing boats for two decades now. They have a range of pontoons for those interested in fly fishing can choose from to make their fishing experience enjoyable and memorable.

They have placed three layers on their boats for durability purposes and ensuring that you get the best out of them. The boats from Creek Company offer good value for your money without compromising on quality. Creek Company offers the solution to fly fishing boats instead of struggling to purchase cheap boats that you are not guaranteed in terms of their quality.


​Intex is a company that is majorly into the making of inflatable spas, pools and spas. They have however thrown their net wide by venturing into the making of inflatable boats. The highlight point of the Intex boats is their affordability hence making them famous among consumers who are on a budget.

Additionally, their boats are large in size while remaining affordable. The downside of Intex boats is that they are not built to last. However, if you are after something simple for just having fun, then you may have to consider Intex boats.


Newport vessels are well known for the making of durable and reliable stand up paddleboards and inflatable dinghies that offer exceptional comfort. They mostly make larger boats which can hold up to six people hence popular among enthusiasts of large boats. They are puncture and abrasion resistant thanks to the use 1,100 denier fabric which has a PVC coating in three layers.

They also have an aluminum framed hardwood floor and the air floors come with two dinghies. Interestingly, they include repair kits, bench seats, aluminum oars, foot pumps and storage bags with every purchase of their boat. The Newport vessels are relatively expensive compared to Intex boats but it is worth it considering their build up quality and the accessories included in the package.​


Sea Eagle, a company founded in 1968, manufactures well designed inflatables and of high quality thus making it the best brand around. The boats require little or no maintenance with the flexibility to be used by even kids. They manufacture a range of products including dinghies, canoes, pontoon boats, kayaks and stand up paddleboards.

Their products come in two different packages depending on the accessories and gear that you intend to have. As such, the packages dictate the price of the boats with the cheap ones coming with less features compared to the pricey ones. The company gives you a 180 day risk-free trial with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Additionally, you will get a three year warranty for the product​


The Sevylor Company has been in existence for decades now thus making it one of the oldest inflatable manufacturing company. It was founded in 1948 in Vitry, France and over the years it has produced a variety of inflatables including dinghies, pool toys and kayaks.

Sevylor inflatables are affordable and of high quality thus an all-time favorite for many people. The years they have been in the inflatable business and their consistency in producing well rounded products that are affordable makes it the most sought after brand​

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