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7 Best Kayak Fish Finders 2017

Are you in a situation where you can't spend money to buy high end boats and other watercraft ? We know that you have kayaks and boats and looking for a best portable fish finders which fits for your budget.Its not only for kayaks but can use it on any water crafts.There are different models available in market now a days at different price range.But all are basically doing same thing with an extra features. Another important thing is, these handheld devices are cheap compared to fixed device.

​What you should know about portable fish finders

​A transducer and display unit can be seen in many of the device.These comes with are chargeable or replaceable batteries.It can be easily mounted on the side of the kayaks.

​As I have mentioned Main parts are

​1. Transducer

2. Display

3. Battery

Transducer - This is the main component which sends signal into the water and also receives signal back to the system.It then translates this signal into a clear image. There are additional features in each system which helps to get the picture in a  clear way at day and night.

​You can easily mount a transducer on a kayak. There are so many options available. There are portable kits available and can be attached to the kayak.You can install on the hull, or fix it on the back,or through scupper hole, or in rudder.

Display - You have to choose the display unit very carefully, anything above 6" is not good at all in kayaks.We advice to choose less than 6".

​Pros of portable fish finders

​1. Less cost compared to non portable version.

2. As the name suggest, It can be easily be ported to other kayaks and boats.

3. Its easy to set up always.

4. Flexibility of Transducer and display unit.

​Get to Know some Common tips when using a portable fish finder.

​1. Always put the fish finder within reach so that you can easily change the settings whenever you require.

​2.Check whether the device has waterproof option.

​3. As there is no power socket and other facilities to get power, You should have an additional power source. remember to carry a battery always.

​4.Place battery in safe place and do not allow to contact this with saltwater.

​5.Place plugs and sockets properly and make sure this has been connected and soldered.

​Humminbird 140C Fishin’Buddy Review

​This is the most advanced version from Humminbird in their waterproof fish finder series.There is no mounting required to fit this device on the board.You can use any condition.Just clamp the device on kayak or boats and place the transducer in are good to go.

​We have noticed that reading are not proper if water level is less than 8 feet. The battery has the capacity to work maximum 25 hours of usage.The box contains Buddy display device,clamps,transducer,mounting pole and instruction manual.


​1. Its resolution is 240 by 160

2. It has the capacity of max 240 feet.

3. It has back light.

4. 8 level gray scale color

5. Display size is 4"

6. Built-in transducer - you can even twist and turn the transducer.

7. Very powerful sonar, ability to work at different khz.

8. Ability to cover large areas ( around 120 ft ).

9. Usability and Robustness is another advantage of this model.

CONS: As this has more feature the battery life can vary.Its better to carry another one always.

Deeper Smart Portable Fish Locator reviews

​An amazing device, It's a must for every kayakers. If you are a techy fishermen this is the best option for you.This works in both IOS and Android devices.We have seen that this witless device with Bluetooth helps fishermen very well in any is noted that its rechargeable battery has the capacity of maximum 4 hours.

​It has the ability to send sonar reading to the device .No mobile data is required for sonar operation. It works from 1.5 ft to 40 feet in salt and fresh water.

​Deeper Smart Portable fish finder is good for Angling,boat fishing,Kayak fishing and Ice fishing.


​If you can use your smartphone with cars or speakers then you can easily pair with deeper.

​The app contains lot of features such as weather condition,sunrise/set timing,moon rise and set.

​Sonar performance is very good.

​Great wireless design


​You cannot change the battery, you will have to approach a technician to do this.

​Humminbird PiranhaMAX 175 PT Review

​This is one of the latest fishing finder from Humminbird. This is basically working on the sonar technologies.We can rely on sonar techniques to detect fishes from the water.This unit offers very accurate picture of the fish.

​The new design offers 4" display with 16 level gray scale 240V by 160H. This has been upgraded from their previous version.The new version has been improved in terms of color,clarity and tracking.

​Technical details

​1.Sonar coverage is 28 degree and 16 degree with 10db

2.Screen resolution is 240 by 160.

3.It use Dual beam plus sonar for tracking.

4.640 vertical PX resolution.

5.Power input and output are 10-20 & 200 W,1600w

​Signstek FF-003 Portable Fish Finder Reviews

​This has been specially designed for amateur and professional fishing guys.You can easily find out the fish area with the help of Sonar.You can use in Ocean ,lake and river.It doesn't matter where you are in.Its a good unit at any location.

​Some of the best features of this unit is, Sonar sensor, device has the ability to detect big and small fishes,Audio enabled alarms,the depth of the alarm is 99 feet. Multi language feature on the menu,Dual beam sonar facilities etc.

​Technical specification:Its a water proof unit,its sonar frequency is 200 KHZ ,It's resolution is 240 by 160. It has 512 color TFT LCD screen.

​The package contains screw,one fish finder,Transducer and Instruction manual.


​Compact size

it use 4 AAA bateries

Multiple sonar option

Easy menu naviagtion


​There is no mounting option

​Some customers complaint that they cannot see the display while paddling.

NorCross HawkEye F33P Fish Finder Reviews

​An ideal portable fish finder under 100 dollar.Some of the good feature of this units are its having an ability to produce sonar beam at an 45 degree angle.It can read up to 100 feet bottom structure from the boat.It also have float able and mountable sonar sensor.

​The F33P is very easy to handle and cave easily operated from the boats,kayaks and bridge.AS it's having mounting tabs, it can use it from the hull of kayaks.The LCD screen is a palm sized and can be put into the pocket and bag easily. The battery has the capacity of 20 hours to use.

​Its other notable features are Weed Id,Side Sonar Sensor,Able to catch big fish,Virtualview liquid crystal display icon,Fish can be clearly view,Fish alarm is available.The multi purpose Transducer can be used either from shoreline or in bottom.

​How to catch fish using NorCross HawkEye ?

​We are going to learn how to get more detail about the object and settings available on this unit.It has 4 user sensitivity settings. What does it mean. You can put this settings into different values such as low,medium,high,higher etc.If the water is clear, low sensitivity setting is good.If its a dirty water needs great sensitivity.Some tomes you have to use high settings in salt water.In nutshell, If you are looking for great detail about the object you have to use higher sensitivity always.


​1. Free online support2.

2 year warranty

3.Floating Sonar Sensor

4. Compact size.

5. Fish can be indicated.

6. Identifies tress,grass and other objects very well.

7. Fit in your hand


​1. You don't get the size of the fish.

​Lucky FFW-718 Wireless Portable fish finder Review

​An another best cheap fish finder from Luck.This unit is very easy to set up and has the feature to remember all setting even if you turn off.The screen of the device is perfect whether it is day or night.You can use it for kayak fishing as it is a hand held device.In nutshell, it's a great tool for small boats such as kayak and canoe.

​The features of this model is, adjustable sonar settings,simulation mode, water proof unit,You can use it either as a depth sounder or fish location finder.Fish icon is displayed on the screen compared to above model.

Specification :

It has 41 X 48 display size.LED on/Off option,Built-in memory for stoirng settings. 4XAAAA battery (not included in the box),the battery gives 550hours,its just 160g.

​Venterior Portable Wired Fish Finder

​This is another portable fish finder under $50 Price range.The unit helps you to detect underwater objects such as grass,rock and sands etc.The beam is at 45 degree angle.You can find fishing area with the help of depth scale and audible fish alarm.

The specifications are , it come up with back lighting features by providing whiteLED,It operates from -20 degree to 70 degree,Its depth range starts from 2.30 to 100ft,It measures in meters and feet,It also use 4 X AAAA battery but its not available in the package you will have to buy from the store sepratly.

The box contains following items such as neck trap,Manual,Bolt,Round Transducer Sonar Sensor and adapter.


Easy to use and portable


1.This unit doesn't have the capacity to show you the size of the fish.

2. if the unit gives "--" for 5 minutes, it will turn off the power.

3. Keep the unit in above zero degree temperature.

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