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Best marine cooler for the money reviewed – 2017

Marine coolers are designed to withstand extreme boating conditions. They are more insulated in comparison to the standard coolers, they have UV protection and they are resistant to rust. Other important features in some of this marine coolers include a gasket lid for keeping the hot summer heat out. They also have an odor resistant feature and a ruler on the lid for measuring the size of your fish. It is therefore important to research on the available marine coolers in the market to end up with one that is capable to hold ice for long for better service

Characteristics of Marine Coolers

The features of marine coolers discussed below should as well help you in making informed decision when you are out to the store to purchase a marine cooler.


Look for a cooler with insulation on both the outer and inner wall of the cooler. Ensure that the cooler has between one to two inches of insulation. The best coolers however, come with two inches of insulation for enhanced performance.

Outer material

The outer material ought to be strong enough to resist scratch and other abuses. Coolers come with varying outer thickness, you should therefore be in a position of determining their thickness by pushing the outer material with your thumb. Most importantly, there is need for the outer color to be white in order to absorb less sunrays and reflect the sunlight. The outer material should also be able to resist Ultra violet rays.


The seals come in handy in keeping out the winter cold and summer heat. The coolers generate a lot of cold air that should not be allowed to escape. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the coolers have gasket seals for keeping the heat out and preventing cold from escaping.


Some coolers come with hinges that are 2-3 inches long. Such inches are not likely to last for a long time. The best cooler should include a hinge which is as long as the length of the cooler with a metal rod passing through the center.


The latch ensures that your cooler does not open up unnecessarily without you initiating the process. As such, look out for this feature in a cooler which can also assist in positioning the seal properly on the top of the cooler.


A good marine cooler comes equipped with a non-slip feet to ensure that they do not slip off your boat into the waters. They should also have a provision for tying them to the boat and still be able to access the contents.

Buying Guide for Marine coolers


You will have to purchase a marine cooler depending on the size of your boat. The marine coolers come in different sizes, so if you plan to go out with other people, definitely you will have to consider a bigger cooler that accommodate your food and the fish. Additionally, if you are expecting to catch large fish, there is need to consider the size of the cooler you are going to purchase


Some fisherman and boaters plan to go out into the waters for a day while other enthusiastic fishermen can go out for several days or weeks. As such, depending on your schedule, you need a cooler that can hold ice for the longest time possible.

Maintenance, Benefits and Care of Marine Coolers

  • Use water and baking soda for removal of tough stains
  • Use mild soap and warm water to clean both the inside the outside of your cooler
  • Air dry the cooler always with the lid open before storing

Top 4 Marine Cooler Reviews


Igloo Marine Ultra cooler reviews

  • Ultratherm insulation in body for maximum cold retention
  • Cool Riser Technology for improved cooling performance
  • Non-slip comfort handles
  • UV protective coating


  • Affordable
  • Quick access top flap
  • Has a zipper closure system


  • Poor attachment of the carrying strap

Engel DeepBlue reviews

  • Polyurethane insulation; 2 inch walls
  • Stainless steel latches and hardware
  • UV, odor and stain resistant
  • Freezer grade quality gasket seal
  • Compatible with dry ice storage and use
  • Equipped with holes for lid locks


  • A wide variety available
  • Impressive ice retention capacity


  • Some issues with the cooler lid and latches which do not close as tightly as expected

Yeti Tundra reviews

  • T-rex lid latches
  • Full-length, integrated hinge that is self-stopping and will not break
  • Non-marking rubber feet
  • The YETI Coolers Cold Lock Gasket minimizes unwanted air exchange.
  • YETI's PermaFrost Insulation is pressure-injected for exceptional thermal resistance
  • Integrated handles for easier solo carrying
  • Lid System enables lid to interlock with the cooler body.


  • Good build quality


  • Keeps ice for three days not as per the expected five days

Coleman 70 Quart Xtreme Marine Cooler

  • Rust-resistant stainless steel hardware
  • 66 litre capacity and holds up to 98 cans
  • UV guard for prolonging product life, block yellowing and cracking due to sun exposure
  • Overmolded handles, hinged lid with beverage holders
  • Xtreme technology helps to keep ice up to 5 days at 32 degrees

Pros & Cons

  • Holds ice pretty well.
  • Relatively expensive


Getting yourself a marine cooler that is well built and capable of providing a reliable performance will make your fishing or boating experience enjoyable. As such it is necessary to take your time in researching for the best cooler in the market. Once you have one there is need to take proper care and maintenance for a prolonged life of service

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