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Best oakley sunglasses for fishing under 100 : 2017

Sunglasses have slowly become a way of life for outdoor eye wear for purposes of increasing visibility and protecting the eyes from UV rays. More people have come to appreciate their usage in different situations. A case in point is in fishing where anglers have to contend with the reflective water bodies that reduces their visibility hence making the fishing experience much cumbersome. The fishermen have come to appreciate the need to use sunglasses for glare protection and reduce eye straining. The Oakley sunglasses come into the mix with a design that aims at offering the fishermen the comfort and visibility required to carry out their day to day activities in water bodies

Deep Blue Vs Shallow Blue Lenses Vs VR28 Polarized

The Oakley sunglasses feature deep blue lenses and shallow blue lenses which come in handy depending on the fishing environment. The deep blue lenses work well in open water fishing as the lenses have a darker tint that offers maximum protection in bright conditions from the ultra violet rays of the sun. The lenses offer the convenience required in open water fishing but lack the clarity to enable an angler spot fish in the shallow water. On the other hand, the shallow blue lenses are ideal in coastal flats for offering protection against UV rays. They work well in medium light conditions and are more significant in spotting fish be it in the rivers or in the lakes. The lenses include high quality optical that ensures effective glare protection thanks to the polarized lenses. The visibility of the lenses remains clear even with the buildup of skin oils, water, or smudges on its surface. VR28 Polarized Sunglasses fits in both sunny and overcast conditions.

We found that Shallow Blue Polarized and VR28 is the best for freshwater conditions.​

Having the understanding of your fishing terrain is essential in making an informed decision on the type of sunglasses that you should purchase. Depending on your budget, you should be in a position of selecting sunglasses that are equal to the task. Here are the top three Oakley sunglasses that you should consider buying for an enjoyable fishing expedition.


Oakley Men's Fuel Cell Polarized Sunglasses, Matte Black Frame/Grey Lens

The sunglasses are well built with clean and an authentic style that takes care of your lifestyle while offering maximum protection from UV rays.

  • The lenses are made from plutonite, which filters out blue light and maximizes clarity
  • 100% Ultra violet light protection coating
  • Metal icon accents
  • Lens width: 60 mm, Lens height: 38 mm, Bridge: 16 mm, Arm: 132 mm, 2.36" wide


  • Comes in a protective case with cloth drawstring bag
  • Lightweight for all day comfort and durability


  • Not ideal for salt water as the inside coating of the lenses peels off

Oakley Men’s Half Jacket 2.0 OO9144-04 Polarized Oval Sunglasses, Polished Black

The half jacket sunglasses come into the competition with top of the range features that prioritizes the protection of the user while offering the option of swapping the lenses to fit the user’s preference

  • Interchangeable lenses which allows you to change the lenses for vision optimization in any sporting environment
  • A lightweight and durable stress resistant frame material
  • Features nose pads that keep the glasses in place while increasing the grip notwithstanding perspiration
  • The patented xyz optics extend visual clarity and the lens curvature opens a peripheral view

  • Fit well with a nice grip
  • Clear lenses


  • Way too small and tight on head

Oakley Fives Squared Black Polarized Sunglasses (Eyewear)


  • Rectangle lenses that are likely to fit many faces
  • Lightweight and durable synthetic full rim frame
  • Comes in a variety of frame colors and lens
  • Has high definition optics that are good for impact protection
  • Has Plutonite lens material that filters 100% of UVA rays
  • High tech sculpted temples


  • Highly durable hence fit for any active lifestyle
  • Ideal for smaller faces or heads
  • Comes with a protective microfiber carrying bag with a cleaning cloth


  • The plastic is cheap and wonky


The Oakley sunglasses meets your expectations by offering superior eye protection and comfort all day while providing superior clarity that makes it easy for an angler to spot the fish. The lenses and frames are easy to clean and the sunglasses allow you to change the lenses to fit your different angling situations

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