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Best recessed trolling motor tray reviews 2017

If you desire to get rid of aches and pain while carrying out fishing, you must use a trolling tray motor. It helps you to fish for really long time period smoothly devoid of any distress. It besides reduces the back or leg pain while carrying out fishing. Besides it also provides a fresh striking appearance for your boat. It additionally makes your boat much extra comfortable and simple to handle with foot control.

How to install recessed trolling motor tray

The various tools required for installation of trolling tray includes a utility knife, a cordless drill with a key hole saw bit 1", and 1/8 drill bit, a cordless sander, a high speed jigsaw, and a shop vac.

For installation of recessed trolling motor tray following steps should be followed:-

  • Opening the mounting clamps of bracket
  • Slipping the motor over the transom and should be positioned as close to stern’s centre as possible.
  • Tightening the clamps by turning it to right so that there are no vibrations of motors while in operation.
  • Positioning the bracket of mounting on the apex of anti-cavitation plate of engines with up motor.
  • Marking and drilling holes in anti-cavitation plate for mounting of bolts.
  • Inserting the bolts of mounting and tightening them
  • Separating the assembly of trolling motor from base of mount.
  • Choosing and marking the holes on the deck where the trolley would be placed
  • In mount base threading the bolt in course of each hole
  • Placing a rubber washer underneath each bolt
  • Positioning the base above the holes drilled and slipping bolts into each hole.
  • Checking whether the base level rests properly against the surface of deck.

How to choose best one

For choosing the best recessed trolling motor tray it should have following features:-

  • The finishing touch should be superior quality.
  • It should have a global design and must fit both Minn Kota and foot pedals.
  • It should have long- lasting high-grade aluminum.
  • It must consist of the clasp, drain pipe, and stainless steel escalates screws.
  • The weight of the trolling motor N-tray should not be heavy.

Top 3 Trolling trays

The following are the top three Recessed Trolling Motor tray brands available in the market.


Ez- Troll Fishing Boat Motor Tray

EZ- Troll Fishing Boat Motor Tray is a quality standard aluminum blended with trolling tray of motor which can fit both Motor guide and Minn Kota foot pedals. This tray is structured aluminum of higher-quality with a big 1″ border for duct wedge and for escalating.


  • While carrying out fishing it will assist to get rid of your back pain. It helps to positions you while you fish. It has a adjourn trolling motor foot pedal tray that keeps your boat in even and horizontal level. It besides makes deck of your ship look tidy and clean. The instructions for installation of the Troll fishing boat tray is extremely simple, easy as the clear cut instruction is provided while buying the equipment.


  • The easiness of installation relies on kind of boat you are own and needs minimum 3-4 hours for installation. The tray’s bottom is slightly weak, as a result you have to provide it with an additional support to facilitate having stable, safer, and long lasting tray.

Troll-N-Tray Recessed Trolling Motor Tray

If you desire to acquire an exceptional product, which besides must be long-lasting in that case TROLL – N- TRAY RECESSED TRAY is finest for you. It includes of six stainless black screws for escalation, draining tube and for clasping.


  • The tray is extremely simple to install. For lovers of fishing it makes fishing trouble-free and besides pain-free. It is an extremely resilient product and is finest suited with the cost too.


  • It does not have its own template, as a result we need to construct a fresh with a cardboard or with other similar thing.

Rod Saver Minn Kota Model Flat Foot Tray

Rod Saver Minn Kota Model Flat Foot Tray approaches in two type’s i.e. Minnkota and Motorguide. This tray is strong has a variety of appealing features. It is structured of big, long-lasting 1/8 inch aluminum and has finish made up of heated- on coat powder. It approaches with instructions of set- up, template cutting, one stainless steel, and drain pipe for escalating hardware.


  • In a better way it allows you to position yourself which are inclined to evade the leg and back pains. It can simply be installed in any of the boat’s brands.


  • It is rumored that this trays screw which secures the plates are bared off owing to various flaws or since of dire quality.


Recessed Trolling motor trays is useful for carrying out lengthy, peaceful and calm fishing all day long, reducing and avoiding the chances of getting leg and back pain, injury becomes safer and allow you take pleasure from your fishing devoid of worrying regarding the nags. There are variety types of trolling trays available in market; the best one to choose depends upon the type of boat and your budget.

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