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best reel,rod for ice fishing

We can see that new innovative fishing rods and reels are being rocking in fishermen world and water world.All most all the reels come up with state of art drag systems.Are you in a hurry to buy good reel for ice fishing at this season ?  We have listed all the pros and cons below of top rated products below. You can easily find all information.

​St. Croix Legend Ice Fishing Rods

Pros, Reviews & Features​

  • Lightweight stainless steel guides
  • Comfortable, secure-lock reel seat with cork trim
  • Built-in strike indicator
  • Made from solid carbon blank for durability and sensitivity
  • Model: Legend Gold and Silver Rods
  • Length: 24"
  • Power: Ultra-Light, medium, medium light, medium heavy.
  • Super-finesse, high-tension, stainless-steel strike indicator.
  • Interchangeable and adjustable spring indicator system.
  • Precision-taper solid carbon blank for thrilling performance.
  • Innovative Neoprene-Skin handle with Fuji® SK2™ reel seat.
  • Pac Bay Minima guides.
  • Made in U.S.A. with foreign and domestic materials.

The Croix legend fishing rods are popular because of the super-finesse coil spring that is much more sensitive than any other type of indicator. It allows ice anglers to see the most subtle bump or strike well before it can be felt. Most users find this type of fishing rods more reliable and capable of catching pike, walleye, bass, trout, or salmon seamlessly while remaining durable. The auger also work with the push of a button so you don’t have to push it down on your own.

Frabil Straight Line 371

Pros, Features & Reviews​

  • Lightweight composite construction for strength and durability
  • Large and balanced spool to maximize retrieval rate
  • CONS - The line tension adjuster fails to work sometimes
  • 3.7:1 reel ratio with super smooth drag & instant anti-reverse
  • 22” Line retrieval per revolution
  • 5 plus 1 ball bearing reel with Ultra-Fine free spooling
  • Ambidextrous over-sized reel handle for ultimate control
  • Silent bait alarm switch
  • Spool guarded to allow palm grip
  • Line feeds straight off spool, eliminating spinning of tackle and line coiling
  • Free spool to easily drop smallest jigs

This is a well-designed reel which comes with a 3:7:1 reel ratio for extra smooth casting and reeling. It has a decent line retrieval rate at 22 inches for every revolution thus making it ideal for use with lures that need a slow presentation while getting greater cranking power. The Frabil Straight Line 371 reel is good for fishing while remaining affordable.

Eagle Claw Inline Reels

Pros, Features & Reviews​

  • Comes with large rubber handles and a double handle like most bait casters
  • The retrieve rate is good especially for those fishing in deep water for gamefish and it as well helps in the stopping a jig spin.
  • Simple to use, just push button in and line goes out, No flipping a bail open
  • Adjustable for light and heavy jigs
  • A free spool gives the angler the option to let a jig drop down the hole without having to peel the line off hand
  • Retrieve: Right, left or both
  • Line retrieve: 15.75 inches
  • Weight: 7 ounces
  • Mono capacity: 2lbs, 110 yards
  • Bearings: 4=1
  • Max drag (lbs): 5
  • Free spool release button
  • Reduced line twist
  • Smooth Teflon drag system
  • Spool tension adjustment
  • Free-spool release button

This is an affordable reel for those after a normal 1:1 retrieve ratio. The reel comes in a simple and smooth model capable of proving enough power to handle challenges encountered by anglers while fishing in hard water. The spool body and the reel are made from nylon while the handle is made of aluminum with a non-slip-grip. The highlight point of this reel comes on its handle that fits well into the life of fishers who like wearing gloves or with cold hands. All said, this is an ideal reel for a fisher for day to day use.


  • Despite the fact that the reel is lightweight, it is balanced off center and seems to pull the line to one side making the line to pile on the spool.
  • The spool is set in a manner that makes the reel rub on your hand when reeling.
  • It is not easy to set the drag and does not have a wide adjustment range
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