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best saltwater spinning reels for the money – under 100

If your an angler thinking about trying your luck on the open ocean as apposed to inland lakes and rivers you are in the right place. The fact of the matter is that before you head to the salty waters of the Atlantic or the Pacific there are some things you need to consider. There are many freshwater spinning reels that will not be able to cope with the corrosive salts and minerals that the ocean contains, so your going to have to get yourself a reel that can handle it.

The first thing that you should consider before buying a saltwater spinning reel is the cost. You can find some of the best saltwater spinning reels under 100 below.You must ask yourself how much you can see yourself actually going ocean fishing. For those of us that live far away from the coast, this may only be once a year on a special occasion. However, if you live near the ocean and can see your self fishing twice a month or more, your going to want to buy a saltwater spinning reel that is a little more durable, and more often than not, more expensive.​

You will also want to consider what kind of fish you want to catch. Large fish, such as tuna will require a large reel, but smaller fish like the tasty red snapper will only require a small reel. If you are unsure what you are going to catch, its always better to be safe that sorry and go for the larger option. Lastly, your going to want to think about your experience and your personal method of fishing. The most expensive and highest rated saltwater spinning reel may not feel right to you, so its always important to either handle your purchase in store before you buy it, or order from a site that allows for refunds if you find you need to send your saltwater spinning reel back.​

Saltwater Spinning Reels Reviews & Comparison​

​The saltwater spinning reels we are going to discuss in this article are the Okuma Stinson Saltwater Spinning Reel, thePenn Silverado, Pflueger Infusion SS, Okuma Epixor, US Reel Supercaster, and the Okuma Alumina. There are pros and cons to all of these reels, for example, the Penn Silverado is known for having a very smooth drag when compared to other spinning reels, and the US Reel Supercaster is know for being able to cast farther out than any spinning reel on the market.

Okuma Stinson Saltwater Spinning Reels Reviews​

The Okuma brand spinning reels are known for breaking after extended and extreme use, but are a cheaper option for those of us who don't saltwater fish often. If you know you are going to put your spinning reel though the ringer, the Okuma Stinson, Okuma Epixor, or the Okuma Alumina are probably not the reel for you. On the other hand, the Pflueger reel is known for being able to take a beating, and it more affordable than then some of the other high performance saltwater spinning reels.​

Pflueger Infusion vs Okuma Epixor vs US Reel Supercaster

When it comes to reef fishing or small saltwater fish the two reels that are ideal are the Okuma Stinson Saltwater spinning reel, and the Pflueger infusion SS reel. Both reels are reasonably priced, with the Okuma costing anywhere from 50-70 dollars depending on where you look, and the Pflueger costing slightly more in the 60 to 80 dollar price range. There are also differences when it comes to the material that these reels are made of, the Okuma is made of stainless steel, and the Pflueger infusion is made of lightweight aluminum. Both materials are good for saltwater fishing, but the consensus of many anglers is that aluminum is slightly more well suited for the job. Aluminum reels tend to last longer and work smoother than other types of saltwater spinning reels​

Though the Pflueger reel may have the advantage with aluminum, the Okuma Stinson can handle a heftier fish and adds 8 lbs to your line, when compared to the Pflueger reel's 6 lbs. If your going to do a lot of ocean fishing I would opt for the Pflueger infusion SS, although its costs a little bit more it might be worth it in the end because of its long lasting life.​

Penn Silverado Saltwater Spinning Reels reviews​

If your looking to bring in a larger catch consider the Penn Silverado saltwater spinning reel, or the US Reel Supercaster. Both reels have been found to be reliable, and durable rating at about 20 lbs. However the US reel is almost double the price of the Penn Sliverado averaging in at about one hundred dollars per reel. The Penn Silverado can be found in most stores at about fifty dollars. When comparing these two reels I would go with the cheaper option in this case. Penn is a reliable brand that is not too costly, and should serve you well on the open ocean.​

If your still unsure what size fish you want to catch with your saltwater spinning reel, the Ukuma Epixor or the Okuma Alumina are more for the all purpose fisherman. These two options are both affordable costing somewhere between 40-70 dollars depending on where you look. Both are 10 lbs reels and made of aluminum, the only difference between the Epixor and the Alumina is that the Epixor weighs more. In this case, I would go with the lighter option. Every once counts when your battling a fish for any extended period of time.​

There are all different types of saltwater spinning reels and it all really depends of your personal preference and needs as an angler. Based on the features, affordability, and reliability, I would choose the Pflueger Infusion SS spinning reel. It doesn't break after a lot of wear and tear and is reliably smooth.​

Though it can be time consuming researching different reels and rods, in the end when we hold on to a fish we may have lost, or we head home with a cooler full of red snapper its worth all the time we put into preparing for the day.​

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