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Best spinning reel for the money

A spinning reel is a type of fishing rod preferred by many anglers, specifically those interested in small to medium sized fish such as crappie, red fish and bass. The reels have a static spool below the rod, and the weight of the tackle, bait, or lure draws the line.


They are flexible hence they can be used to cast in a number of tackles including live bait and artificial lures​


They are not effective when it comes to heavy lures and lack the accuracy such as the one seen on bait casters.

​Spinning reels are increasingly gaining more attention compared to bait casters among anglers. This is majorly attributed to their ease of use and their good performance in light-line application. However, the most challenging issue for anglers is how to determine the best spinning reel that is capable of handling their job well. It is therefore important to consider the following factors when purchasing one.

What to consider before buying a spinning reel

The reel Body​

Most of the reels in the market are either made up of aluminum or graphite and in some cases a combination of the two. Each of materials has its own advantage over the other. For instance, graphite is lighter than Aluminum and more flexible whereas aluminum is stronger. If your fishing expedition is on freshwater, then it is advisable to take aluminum reels. However, if you venture into saltwater fields, then graphite comes in handy due to its non-corrosive quality.

The reel should have a solidly constructed body without any loose and weak parts to increase performance. Any moving parts should therefore be working well without any possibility of back play. It is important to note that the fewer the moving parts in a reel, the lesser the chances of a mechanical breakdown.

Matching rods​

Spinning rods have the reel seats and guides located at the bottom of the reel handle. The size of the guides increases the closer they are to the reel face, where there is a wider rotation of the line moves out of the reel. It narrows down to smaller sizes the moment it comes closer to the tip. It is therefore noteworthy to ensure that there is a right match between the reel and the rod. The rods are capable of working within a particular weight of line weights. The information regarding the recommended lure weight and line weight can be found on the rod shafts, near the handle.​

Targeted species​

The size and amount of line required depends on the intended fish. The reel required for large offshore or freshwater species such as the tarpon or sailfish should have enough line capacity for long runs and a drag system capable of handling the heat. On the hand, you will only require a small reel if you are interested on fishing the small species.​

Spool type​

The spool assists on holding the line, smoothness and casting the distance. The two main spools are the skirted and internal spools. The internal have one main drawback of becoming entangled within the reel housing luckily the skirted spools in eliminating this issue. The Mag spool is the latest technology that comes into the market providing longer casts, high line pickup and reduces line twists. Care should be taken to purchase a sinning reel that has the right spool to avoid such issues.​


Anglers that spend most of their time cranking the handle of the reel must put into consideration the issue of right-hand or left-hand. However, anglers who use one hand when casting and can easily exchange between the two hands to reel have no cause to worry. Luckily, most of the recent reels can easily be interchanged from side to side.​

The Reel Size​

It should be easier to choose the reel size if you have already determined the fishing line that you want to use or you have been using. A lighter fishing line calls for a smaller reel for it to fit well and work efficiently. When purchasing the reel ensure that you check information concerning the pound-test line capacity to avoid purchasing the wrong size for your fishing line.​

The Reel Gear Ratio​

The spinning reel comes with a fixed spool as compared to the casting reels which have a rotating spool. The gear ratio in this case therefore refers to the number of rotations made by the bail around the spool when the reel handle turns once. As such, depending on the style of fishing an individual is planning to do.​

The drag system​

The drag applies pressure to a hooked fish and lets out the line in case of a fight. It is essential to choose a reel with a smooth and high quality drag to avoid cases of lost fish and broken lines. It is important to be keen when purchasing a reel to ensure that the drag is non-constrictive and smooth. There are two drag systems, namely the rear and front drags which essentially refers to their positions on the drag controls. The rear drag controls are accessible easily in case you encounter a fighting fish but they lack the ability of withstanding big and persistent fish fighting species. On the other hand, the front gear several drag washers that are durable as compared to the rear drags.​

Conditions to use a spinning reel

There are different fishing conditions thereby calling for different spinning reels fit for the job. Surf fishing requires for one to have spinning reels with long line for easy casting. Saltwater necessitates one to purchase non-corrosive reels made of graphite. For bass fishing it one requires a strong spinning reel mostly made of aluminum to withstand the weight of the fish.​

Top ten Spinning reels

1. Okuma Trio Spinning Reel​


Crossover Body Design with aluminum stem that makes it strong

Crossover spool design with graphite sides that help in reducing the overall weight

A dual Force Drag System providing tension on the top and bottom of the spool to make the system smooth and efficient at dispersing heat.


High speed gearing that is durable and capable of surviving full submersions in water

Stylish design that helps in maximizing drag pressure with an efficient return and smooth cast.

Durable ball bearings and a sturdy roller for efficient performance

Light and convenient for handling


Does not come with an extra spool incase the existing breaks or gets lost

It has a narrow spool that holds a lesser line.

2. Penn Fishing FRC8000 Firece Spinning Reel Reviews


Machined and anodized aluminum spool

Stainless steel

Handle made of aluminum

Infinite anti-reverse rotor balanced technologically


Infinite anti reverse on point in controlling line payout


Made up of heavy material, aluminum

Expensive compared to others in the competition

3. Okuma Fishing Tackle Helios


A gearing system

Anti-reverse roller bearing

Machined aluminum with 2-tone anodized spool

Multi-disc carbonite drag system


Easy retrieval and smooth casting

Uses the latest technology


Very noisy

4. The KastKing Blade​


Double bearing support system

10 stainless steel

An ant-reverse bearing system


Great power to weight ratio

Carbon fiber drag washers

Delivers solid power thanks to its sleek metal body


Lacks ability to navigate corners

5. Trio High Speed spinning reel​


Quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing

Stainless steel bearings

Hybrid body made of up aluminum and graphite


Light and durable

Easy to maintain

Very flexible


Relatively Expensive

6. The Okuma Fishing Tackle 30 Helios​


Multi-disc Carbonite drag system

Corrosion resistant with ball bearings made of stainless steel

Computer balanced Rotor Equalizing System


Light and strong



7. Okuma Coronado Bait feeder


Narrow blade body design

Hydro Block water tight drag seal

High Density gearing


Dynamic design


Feels smooth in casting


The spool makes a clicking noise

​8. Shimano Stradic FJ


Made of Solid aluminum

Lightweight side plate made of graphite

Tightly built drag from steel


​Easy for casting

Good for saltwater and bass fishing

Excellent mechanical design



9. Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel​


8 stainless steel bearings

Lightweight graphite rotor

Rocket spool lip design


Improved gear feel


Lighter compared to previous models

High level performance


Very expensive

10. Pflueger President 6930X Spinning Reel


Smooth front drag system

Titanium coated spool lip

Aluminum handle with soft touch knob



Easy to use



Not durable

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