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Best spinning rods under 100

Buying a good Spinning rod for your fishing activity is very important.It should not be a low quality rod but it must be a high quality rod.If you are looking for a single fishing rod and reel, I recommend to choose a spinning rod which is easy to setup and use.The ROI (Return of Investment) on the rods depends or vary with how often you catch fish and time you spend.

Spinning is a term used for all kinds of fishing for fish with lures.This is coined from a lure type. You have to understand that a good rod may not allow you to make a good angler with in days. You should have proper understanding what is happening with your lure.You can use spinning rod in all kind of fishing.Some of us think that its only for spin fishing but that is not the real truth.You can also use it for jigging,trolling,pike fishing,fish baiting,for salmon and rock fishing with them.when spin fishing time , every anglers cast out the lure and then retrieves by winding the reel.In nutshell, Spinning rod is an all around fishing utility for you.

"A perfect gear Matters" I am sure you have heard often but in our fishing life it is absolutely true.We are going to give you some of the best methods you need while choosing a spin rod, our suggestions for the top spinning rod and what works for different scenarios in water.Rods and reels are the most expensive parts in your fishing journey. Now a days it is easy to find a fishing rod from an array of products but there is a chance always you will fall into wrong piece. We have in detail guide and industries best sellers fishing rods in our website.

Spinning Rod vs casting Rod (Spin-Casting vs Bait-Casting Technique )

What is the difference between spinning rod and casting Rod ? There is a minor difference here. The main difference is the reel which is used.

1. The fishermen use a fixed spool reel for spinning. Spinning reel are easy to cast.

2. Casting rod use traditional multiplier reel. These are longer than bait casting rods.If you are casting long distance it's a good choice for you.

3. You can use both reel in these but spinning rod provides great performance with spinning reels and later works with conventional reels.

How to choose a perfect spinning rod ?

You should have some of the basic concept such as which is the right tool for you, what kind of fish you will be fishing with this rod, how big the fish is and watch fish fight and matching rods and reel.Using matching rods and reels are very important in your fishing time as this is not noticed by most of the beginner anglers. These are all some of the basic elements you should always check before start your fishing trip. A balanced outfit is very important.

You should pay special attention to following factors before buying any spinning rod from a store.

1.Action & Thickness

2.Rod Length


4.Guides (runners)

5.Spinning rod types

6.Reel Seats


8.Power and Responsiveness


Action :It is nothing but bend in the rod.The qulaity of the Action is determined when a pressure applys on the tip of the rod. There are four types available in this section

​1.Extra fast


3.Moderate or Medium


Extra fast & Fast: it has less bend.These are very strong and more powerful to handle pressure at the tip.Almost every bass fishermen choose these types for fishing.It has better sensitivity compared to other types.Fast is good for jig fishing.​

Moderate or Medium: If you need a little distance in your cast, you can choose these types of rod for fishing.This is good for crank baits and top water lures.

Slow Rods : They are opposite to Fast and Extra fast rods. It has most bend and it looks like a 'parabolic' shape.

​You should also consider the thickness of the rod and the wall of the blank.Some times it is refers as Taper but it is same as 'Action'.

Rod Length A general rule is , if the rod is longer it's good for casting distance.Where as shorter rod is great for precision.Most of the bass fishermen use shorter rods.

Weight :There are heavy and light weight Rods available in the market.If you use light weight then your arm has less fatigue through out the day. If you use heavier rod, it has good strength and durability.Most of the Rods in the market are light weight and I prefer lighter rod.

​Guides: If you are new to rod, its good to know about these parts.Guides are chosen based on the guide layout for your blank.You should understand that each layout has its own features and each one is suited for different types of fishing.You should know about some of the basic features,types,layout and best brands of guides.

​Some of the well known layouts are cone of flight and concept layout.I hope you have heard about Micro guides,Spiral Wraps,single and double Foot,K-frame and KR Concept.Most of the guides on bass rod in the market made of a metal frame.The others are Alconite,SiC. Hardloy, Hialoy, and aluminum oxide. These are found in most of the fishing rods today.

​If your rod has more guide it will bend more so that you can utilize the power for fighting fish and casts.There are so many brands available in the market where you can see similar methods. These manufactures are Aftco,CUI Guides,Fuji,Pacific Bay Guides,Winthrop Rollers and Recoil. I prefer Fuji products because their 'KR concept' is great and providing smaller,stronger and light Rods for you.

Spiral Wraps or Acid wraps : These are very popular in bait casting and conventional rods.It helps to reduce the torque on the road.All these rods are based on casting rods.If you are looking for distance casting, this is not the perfect layout you are looking for.

single Foot/Double Foot : I am sure that many rod builders love single Foot guides since it has less impact on action.I prefer Double foot rods because it has the capacity to target large fish.It can twist and resist even the line has heavy weight.It is more secure than single Foot guides.

K-Frame: It can use with braided line and very useful on spinning and surf rods.

​Spinning rod types

There are 3 types of Rod

1.Light weight/ultra light

2.Medium weight

3.Heavy weight

Best Ultra Light Spinning Rods

If you are looking for trout, sea trout, crappie, small pike, walleye or similar,large mouth or small mouth bass, perch you are going to need a lightweight spinning rod.Bear in mind that you should not choose too lightweight rods since you may at risk for breaking the rods easily.let's look at here what are the recommended spinning rods under this category. I mainly use for trout fishing. You can find  good budget spinning rods below.

​Shimano Stimula 2-Piece Spin Rod

It's a perfect spinning rod for fishermen.This brand has been created for different actions such as Trout fishing,Panfish, Catfish or Salmon and Bass fishing.It has Aluminum oxide guides,custom cork,EVA butt cap,Hook keeper for different usage,reel seat and one year warranty.This is mainly for catching smaller bass.As it is very light you can use all day and dont feel any pain on arm.It has 5'6" length,action is fast.

​Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod

An other ultra light weight fishing rod for your happiness in fishing journey.This micro series has lot of actions and length to catch any type of bass and are really good for for light lures and lines.

​You can use this rod for trout fishing,bass and panfish. Perfect for rivers,lakes and ponds.I like this rod because it has great balance.

​Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

This is also from Shakespeare. you can use it for bass fishing and if you can buy Okuma Helios HX-30 reel along with this, it will be super set up.You get a cheap fishing rod without losing its quality. It has the ability to catch big fish to small ones, sensitive to the lightest bites, it's lighter than GX2 model rod.You can see the action in below video.

Best medium light spinning rod

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

It is a medium power spinning rod and lure weight.It handle EVA. This is an upgraded version and it provides great flexibility,fiberglass tip,Ugly Tuff guides,Soft handle knobs and durability.

​Shakespeare Two-Piece Medium Action Ugly Stik Spinning Rod

This is a well known fishing spinning rod from Shakepeare. This 2 piece rod gives medium action.It is available from five to nine feet.You can use it for fight fishing. You can fell lite bite using this wonderful rod.

​Daiwa Sweepfire Medium Spin Rod, 2 Piece

This is one of the best medium rod deal exist in the market. You won't get a quality product like this at this price.You can detect and hook smaller fishing this.It has a great guides and grip. It can be used for any purpose in water. Overall an excellent quality.All these spinning rods are valuable for the money.These are available under 100 USD in store.

​Reel Seats

Find out which situation you need reel seats.It can be for spinning seats,casting seats,Fly seats,Saltwater seats,Ice seats and Accent parts.

​There are so many brands in spinning Reel seats. The most famous one are Pacific Bay, American Tackle, Mud Hole and Fuji.

​This is very helpful if you are looking for custom builder rods.

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