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Surf Fishing Tips

Basics of Surf Fishing

If you are a novice surf fisher or looking to have an insight into the world of surf fishing and learn few tips and tricks, you have landed at the right place. Before we start to delve deeper into this form of fishing, we must get the basics right.

Surf fishing is essentially the practice of catching fish standing on a shoreline or by entering into the surf. A bait or lure may or may not be involved in this kind of fish catching endeavor. Usually, surf fishing is carried out in salt water, but it must not be confused with pier fishing as both are different methods of fishing. A wader with a belt is always recommended to prevent the water from gushing into it in case the fisher slips underwater. In the subsequent sections, you will not only learn about surf fishing but also explore, how to do it like a pro

How to Improve Your Surf Fishing

In order to improve the way you perform surf fishing, there are several things that need to be done right. Right from the equipment to the skills, a series of factors are responsible for making the entire exercise of surf fishing worth the effort.

The technique of surfcasting also needs to be mastered as you have to hold a long rod and use both your hand and the body. This is because there is a long distance that needs to be covered for casting in order to reach the inshore fishes that are feeding there. If you are inside the surf, you also have to be very careful with the undertows as they can be string enough to sweep you away with them. Also, while surf fishing, the fishers have razor sharp hooks for casting. They must ensure that they are no one around them when they are casting.

Useful Surf Fishing Tips, Tricks And Tactics For Some Great Catches

Inspect The Fishing Area Beforehand:

It is a great idea to do a recce of the area where you plan to surf fish. It is best to check during the low tide to find the fishing area for hollows, dips, and sandbanks. It will help you get some idea about where the fishes feed and hide when the tide comes back.

Know About The Rig:

Rig is one of the most important setup for surf fishing and hence, you must choose a good one such as fish finder rig. You can also go for Whole Mullet Rig as well as High/Low rig

Choose Bait According To The Area:

The lure or the live bait that you use while surf fishing should depend on the kind of fishes that are found in the area. Try asking the local shopkeepers and you will get the best suggestions.

Make The Most Of High Tides

Most of the fishes come for feeding during the high tides and this is why it is the best time to catch them all.

Get A Good Quality Rod Holder

Always make sure that the Rod Holder that you are using is good quality. Never attempt to go with a makeshift rod holder as the large fishes can drag them into the water.

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